My princess

My puppy died today…Cali, in her last great “Cali” moment, ran out on Highway 24 in Manhattan and was hit by a car. Last night Trent’s parents discovered she was missing, and this morning we received a call from someone who found her on the side of the road. Lee said she didn’t suffer, so I guess that’s a bright spot. I’m going to miss her so much, and I just can’t stop crying. I know she was just a dog, but she was more than that to me. She came with me everywhere. She was my constant companion, and I loved taking care of her. I guess I’m naive, but I just never expected her to die…at least not for a long time. She was so strong and smart, I just thought she would live to be one of those old dogs hobbling around on 3 legs or something. I can’t escape her memories either. She’s everywhere in our apartment. Her hair, her toys, her kennel. Our bed just isn’t warm enough without her in it, and everything seems so quiet. She was a good, sweet, smart dog…and I will never, ever forget her.

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