Mom Style: A Farm Wedding, The Finale

After my style post last week on what to wear to the farm wedding, I totally took a 180 in the opposite direction. I brought four different dresses with me, knowing I’d have four events I’d have to dress up for. I ended up wearing only three of them, and leaving the other one in the closet. Here are the top two…mostly because they were the only ones where I remembered to have someone snap a photo!

This was our family “look” for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, which was seriously lovely. Yummy food, good wine and lots of fun people equals a pretty fab practice run. Here’s what we wore for our family night out:


The dress I chose was one I purchased during our trip to NYC a few weeks back. I love it, but I was a little afraid it would be a little too white for the wedding. And since the wedding day turned out to be the windiest day ever, I’m glad I went with this the day before, or I’d have flashed 200 people my undies. Not the kind of reception entertainment people were looking for!

Trent wore one of the “Mad Men” inspired shirts from Banana Republic along with some grey jeans. Lulu wore an adorable flowered number from H+M. Tate was sporting a gift from the bride, some cute plaid shorts and a navy polo from Target.

And now for the main event! Where this was literally the best picture we got…on my phone…yeah, I suck.


After much deliberation, I decided on this navy number from J. Crew, mostly due to the wind issue. This dress is twirly, but doesn’t fly up with a soft breeze, so it was the chosen one. Lulu’s flower girl dress was (I think, maybe) from Nordstrom, and Tate wore a shirt and tie from H+M. Trent wore a shirt from Dillards that he bought earlier that day because his only other white shirt was ruined by some crazy kids throwing food during the rehearsal dinner (shhh, it was totally Tate). He also wore some super-sharp brown/grey pants from Banana and a tie from Nordstrom Rack. He’s cute. I think I’ll keep him.

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