Meet Rainbow

There were quite a few items on Lucy’s birthday list that we just couldn’t provide for our little 6-year-old queen (note to self: when you take your kid to Disney World for a birthday they will expect NOTHING LESS for the rest of their lives). Even though we weren’t able to get to Florida this year, we did want to do something special for our little girl. And when I say we, I should specify, I mean the husband. The result was the newest member of our family, Rainbow the beta fish.


Rainbow seems to be adjusting well to our crazy home, except for those moments when the lights in his tank seem to be making him lose his little fishy mind. Oh, and I should mention that in our house, you must refer to Rainbow in the feminine. Lucy knows he’s a boy (boy betas are way more common than females as pets), but she just decided he is now a girl. Poor little dude. He just wants to swim in circles and instead he’s become the world’s first drag queen fish.


I figure since I’m doing a family pet update, I should let you all know how the Professor is doing. Molly is getting pretty darn old, and it’s started to show. She can’t hear very well and her eyes are cloudy. Most days she just wants to lay by the steps, getting up a few times to eat or go the bathroom. She still barks like crazy at any type of delivery person and will lose her marbles if she sees you have food, so I think we still have a few good years left. She also tolerates our household terror, and for that, we will always love that puppy.

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    • Megan
      Megan says:

      Ha! Yes, no matter how old Molly gets, the mail/FedEx/door to door salesman will always make her go batshit crazy. It’s part of her identity.


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