Love is Amazing and Also Horrible : Playlist

Valentines Playlist 2013

Don’t get me wrong, people, I am a fan of love. My favorite movies are romantic comedies where Meg Ryan kisses Tom Hanks at the end, so you could call me a connoisseur of love. Love is the best. All kinds of love. Gay love. Straight love. Puppy love. A mother’s love. I could go on forever.

But, you guys, seriously, love isn’t perfect. And though I have somehow inexplicably ended up happier in my little life that I ever imagined possible, sometimes I still want to punch love in the face. Or at least listen to some loud music about how horrible it is and purge some much needed angst. Because love is beautiful, but it can drive you f’ing crazy.

So I made you (and me, let’s be real) a little playlist full of everything. Some good love. Some sad love. Some love that needs to be punched in the face. Some people saying screw romantic love, let’s party with our friends (I love these people). Let’s soak it all in, everyone. I love you!

Love is Amazing and Also Horrible by Crazybananas on Grooveshark

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