It’s Harry Potter Time Once Again

It was inevitable, the return of Harry to my world. At least he is someone who will hang out with me when I can’t party. Yes, I realize he is not real.

If only Harry Potter were not fictional. I would send one Master Ronald Weasley a Howler regarding his hair. Behold!

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  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Just want to let everyone know that I shacked for the first time in L-town, HILARIOUS! No sex, I refused! But I have a feeling my neighbor may be a bad influence, love her to death, but I was retarded last night! Maybe it wasn’t me…maybe it was the excessive amounts of vodka I drank…yeah drinking! Sorry meg, but this should make you miss drinking even less!

  2. Abbie
    Abbie says:

    So funny story, I was almost Harry Potter in his Quiditch (or however you spell it) robe for Halloween until I realized that I was in the kids section of the store and was surrounded by millions of little children wanting to be the same thing. Plus, I don’t think they had it in my size. Oh well, I guess I will just be my charming self for Halloween. My other option was to buy a blond wig, stuff my shirt and make a Prego Mego shirt so I could me my most favorite pregnant friend in the world, but then I didn’t think you would find that very funny. So, I’m back to just being me.


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