Happy Weekend!


Oh, hey everyone. It’s Friday, isn’t it? My brain is so fuzzy, I’m not sure if I actually remember what the day is anyway. This week I had such grand plans, but after a super productive Monday (I went running at 5 a.m.! I have to say that because I did nothing else all week except lay around like Jabba the Hut) everything went swiftly downhill. Monday night I came down with a fever and by Tuesday night, after fighting through a day at work and even a happy hour, I was down for the count. I spent Wednesday on my couch and my bed, alternating between eating soup and moaning.

Wednesday night Lulu had her first sleepover at a friend’s house and she was so very excited. They had an amazing time until I received a call yesterday afternoon to let me know the mom of Lu’s friend had found lice in her hair. Yup, Lu had lice. And then when I picked up Tate from daycare, I checked him and hoo boy, he had it too! Yay. And guess who else was infected…yours truly. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it.

I don’t share this to be gross or whiny, I share it because I feel like a lot of the time blogs can make people look way more fab than they probably are in real life. I mean, I am pretty amazing most of the time, but sometimes I’m in a shower cap vacuuming all my furniture and washing every piece of linen I own while picking bug eggs out of my kids hair. Let’s keep it real, people.

Again, and yes I know this is annoying, my new life mantra and attitude made this situation so much less horrible than it could have been. Though I was mortified that my kid apparently brought lice to someone’s home, the other mom couldn’t have been more gracious. Turns out she’s a pharma rep with a friend who has spent the last few years developing an organic, safe lice treatment, so she knew exactly what to do. She even had a kit on hand that she gave to me to get rid of all those little buggers. (Sidenote: This product is AMAZING. If you ever have to deal with lice, I highly recommend. Safe enough for little Tater and got rid of everything.) It could’ve been so much worse. We were lucky. And a bonus, the treatment made my hair look model gorgeous, so there’s that.


OK, enough griping, here’s some fun links to get you through the weekend, whether you’re holed up with a headcold/lice or just trying to stay out of the heat:

– Have you been watching the Olympics? Obviously we have, and we are loving the swimming and the gymnastics. Ever wondered how those leotards stay right where they are supposed to? Check out this article on how they are made. Super interesting stuff. I had no idea how detailed it all was.

– Speaking of gymnastics, tonight NBC is airing a documentary on the “Magnificent Seven” and you’d better believe Lu and I will be watching!

– This workout segment on the Sarah James show looks perfect for me. And by perfect, I mean quick and convenient.

– This documentary on HBO about supermodels aging looks fantastic. Can’t wait to check it out.

– Omigod avocado salad nom nom nom.

– I’ve always wanted to take the kids camping, but haven’t bitten the bullet yet. This post on backpacking with kids gets me excited though. We might need to bust out that old tent!

– Lane made homemade face scrub and I WANT IT NOW.

Here are some Instagrams from the past few days (weeks, years, hell, I have no idea…). You can follow our adventures by following me over there @crazy_bananas. Have a happy weekend, all!







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