Happy Weekend!

My luggage is adorable.

Hey, hey, it’s FRIDAY! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually sad that Spring Break is almost over. Yesterday Lu and I spent the entire day together (post upcoming…I love my girl and this city we call home!) and I remembered how lovely it can be when we all just slow down and have a bit of fun. This entire week, sleepless hotel nights not withstanding, has reminded me how much I adore my little family and how even when something is less than perfect, if they are happy, I barely notice. Watching the kids soak in this break and our time together has been worth every missed email and passed up freelance opportunity. Next week we’ll be back to the normal grind, but for a few more days, we can pretend we live in funland.

Here are a few awesome links from around the web to entertain you this weekend. I’ll be back to a normal blogging schedule next week, and I can’t wait to share some fun projects I’ve been working on. (Sidenote: I need to find a synonym for “fun.”)

My FAVORITE web video series The Lizzie Bennnet Diaries is nearing the end of it’s run. Yesterday they posted the episode where Darcy and Lizzie proclaim their love…and it killed me dead. This is why the Internet is such an amazing place. People can take something that has been done hundreds of times over, and make it their own. And with very little upfront capital, they can share it with the world, via a few clicks. Fantastic!

Have you ever thought of yourself as stylishly unique? Well, this thoughtful post from Erin over at Design for Mankind might change your mind. Do you think you dress for yourself, or for your tribe? I’d love to say I dress for myself, but I have to admit, I do think I fit in to a certain tribe and most of this tribe’s members probably dress themselves I lot like me. (Says the girl wearing thick-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, a striped top and a scarf with patterned ballet flats…)

I am so excited to read Minimalist Parenting (downloading on my Nook as we speak!). This book by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest gives advice and real steps on creating a life for your family that’s based on “less” in a world full of “more.” I am such a fan of this idea and am so excited it’s coming to the forefront of parenting news. What do you think?

I love this post my friend Nicole wrote on simple birthday celebrations. In Lu’s life we’ve had three big birthday parties and three smaller affairs (like a picnic with the godparents or cake for breakfast) and I’d say she loves the simple parties as much as the big ones. In fact, the first big friend party we threw had Lu in tears half the time due to all the attention being on her (I can relate, girl). And as with all of Nicole’s posts, the photos are beautiful.

Watercolor Easter eggs are on our weekend agenda! Weirdly, I have all the materials on hand. Does this mean I’m crafty now? So strange.

College Humor made a live action version of Dora the Explorer starring Ariel Winter from Modern Family. It is probably the best thing ever. “It’s Swiper! He’s working with the Iranians now!”

Here are a few other pieces I’ve contributed to around the www the past few weeks:

The Zesty Digest is hosting a rad giveaway…you should go enter!

You Are My Wild is one of my favorite photography projects on the web right now. I was so lucky to be able to interview some of the participating photographers for a piece for Design for MiniKind.

Have you heard of the site, The Kid Should See This? It’s a curated video site that a mom created when she found there was content on the web she WANTED her kid to be watching, but would be hard for him to find. I did an interview with the creator, Rion, for Design for Minikind.

The wisdom of six year olds…oh, I can relate.

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