Happy Weekend!

happy weekend 10-5

Yay, it’s Friday! I swear, my weeks drag on and on, but at the same time, I feel like it’s always weekend wrap-up time. I blame Doctor Who. Anyway, this week was was heads and tails better than last week, and I have so many people to thank for that. Mainly, my number one, two and three support system, those goons who live with me. Without Trent, Lu and Tater, this week would’ve been pretty craptastic. And an extra special thanks goes out to my friend Mara, who has been at my house twice in the last week, at least one time because she was called as I was sobbing at an American Girl Store. People, that is a real friend. Get yo’self one. (But you can’t have mine, she’s taken.) There are so many more people that have lifted me out of my damp, dark land of grumples this week (my sister, my co-workers, my dog) and I owe you all a shot of tequila and a cupcake. I promise, my debt will be paid.

And of course, thank you to you. Yes, YOU! If you’ve read anything here this week, left a supportive comment, or liked a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you’ve made my days a little brighter. And for that, you are awesome. I am sending you virtual cupcakes and tequila.

Now for this week’s roundup of fantastic links from around the world wide web:

– This Etsy shop specializes in gifts for the special nerd in your life. “Winter is Coming” candles, Butterbeer scented handwash and Sonic Screwdriver lip balm. I know where I’m getting my stocking stuffers this year!

-The first photos of the Arrested Development cast are out! This is happening!

– 10 hilarious and usual celebrity impersonations that no one else does. (via AB Chao)

– Oh, hey, it’s Rebecca Woolf…perfectly summing it all up. Again. Damn, she’s amazing. If you’re a mom, you should be reading this.

Fashion + Stanley Kubrick = Awesomesauce (Also, totally creepy. Perfect for Halloween.)

– I totally saw the Harlem Globetrotters in third grade. Sounds like nothing’s changed.

– I love Karen Walrond. An excerpt:

So I’ve decided that instead of automatically complaining about how busy I am, I’m going to think about my response a bit. Perhaps it would be more accurate to respond, “my life is full.” Besides, it puts me in the right frame of mind: it’s a lot easier to tackle whatever challenges I have in front of me, if I think of them as being there as a natural part of living a full life, you know?

– I have lived in Kansas much of my life, and I have to admit, I really don’t get to scared of tornadoes anymore. But FIRE TORNADOES. TORNADOES OF FIRE! Oh, hell to the no.

– Someone please hire this guy, he needs to work in advertising.

– A great piece on how online ads based on click through’s are the worst model in the history of ever. During TV ads, most of us either fast forward or get up to pee…but they still cost a ton. What gives?

– I’ve been saying this for years. Moms of earth, get in the photo! It isn’t about how hot you look, it’s about being a part of the story.

– Incredibly happy stingrays! Also, a cat and dog cuddle puddle!

– A classic robot costume for kids. (This whole costume series is rad.)

– Finally, worlds collide. Two of my favorite things…Instagram and chocolate!


And now, our week’s Instagrams! Remember to follow our fun over there @crazy_bananas. Happy snapping!

upload"Girls, wanna have a play date after school?" And then they practiced spelling words the whole time. #nerdplaydate

3. This happened today...he climbed to the top by himself. Help! #fmsphotoadayThis little guy and I narrowly avoided a devastating car accident today. Got home and ran around the yard while I tried to pull myself together. Never been so happy to see his smile.

Found this amongst my papers this evening... #lovenote #doctorwhoTrouble with a capital T. #imsoaked #bathtimeisdangerous

Guess who won player of the game and got to take "The Rock" home to decorate?Water painting...for the cheap mom who hates cleaning up.

Snuggling at early morning soccer.Adorable (and cheap) thank you cards at Target right now. Check the bargain bin.

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