Happy Weekend


Hooray, it’s the weekend! This week, was, well, interesting. We started back to school on Monday, which went fairly well. The first full day was Wednesday, and that’s when pretty much everything feel apart. First, Tate had another breath holding spell at daycare and passed out. Apparently the stress of not being with his sister every day has taken it’s toll, and it all came apart when a teacher told him he couldn’t steal another kid’s toy. Quelle horror. Anyway, there was that. Then Lucy’s school called that afternoon to let us know 40+ kids had gone home sick and vomiting that day. They keep saying it’s the flu, but I’m more prone to think it’s food poisoning, especially since Lu brings her lunch and seems totally fine. They closed the school for a quarantine and it’s been closed ever since. So, there’s that. Then to top it off, we found out that an issue we had with bullying last year, which we were assured would not be a problem this year, has returned. Ugh. It’s been rough. But we’re hanging in there, and hoping for a fun and relaxing weekend before most of our activities start next week.


Here are some fun things from around the web this week:

I’m always looking for new ways to make bringing lunch to school more fun (especially after this week, oy), and these fruit stickers for kids’ lunches are easy and the templates are free!

Even though we’re already back at school, I’m craving tons of stuff from the Cool Mom Picks Kids Back to School Guide. I may be purchasing some super hero sneaker wings for myself.

Are you all reading Colossal? It’s like candy for your eyes. This post with images of the surreal forests of Romania knocked me off my chair.

I think I need this Ryan Gosling coloring book.

Four girls are recreating their childhood pictures as adults. I love this idea!


Here are some Instagrams from this week. If you’re over there you can follow our fun @crazy_bananas.




Double slide.Waiting for daddy to come home.

Deanna Rose on a fantastic Saturday.Matchy.

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