Goodbye Summer

Last week was officially the last week of “summer” around here. Tate started back at daycare yesterday, and Lulu starts kindergarten (!!!) tomorrow, plus our 30+ days of intense 100 degree heat finally broke, so for all practical purposes, the summer has come to a close. Sure, we’ll still hang at the pool a few more times and will have a BBQ or two, but the kids’ endless days in the sun are over until next May/June. So, as we didn’t have any childcare last week (the nanny had to go back to college, but school didn’t start until this week), I decided to take some time off and just hang out in KC. Originally we had grand plans for some sort of vacation, but Trent couldn’t really take off after his trip to Ireland (did I not mention that?) and I was not too excited about travelling with the little people by myself.

So instead we enjoyed a nice little “stay-cation” with trips to the museum, the science store, the library and the park. We ran through the Crown Center fountains and ate ice cream twice in one day (and once for dinner!). We went to the pool, attended school carnivals, rode ponies and made a video using our new underwater video camera:

I’m so glad we decided to just hang out and spend some time together. It’s so fleeting, you know? Happy summer, y’all!






Elle's Birthday Water Slide!

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