I turn twenty-nine years young this September, and along with that milestone, I think I’m going to try some dramatic new things. I see a year filled with lots of craziness, self-imposed of course, in order to leave my twenties with a bang instead of a wimper.

First on my list: My outward self. The last few years I feel like I’ve finally started look more like “me,” if that makes any sense at all, and I want to take it one step further. I want to live my life like these ladies:

Today I am wearing a giant, pink flower broach and pink sunglasses from 1981. I’m on my way…

Updated: Today at my coffee shop, my regular barista gave me my iced latte and then as I was about to drive away, he said, “You have incredible style, you always look great. Do you work somewhere creative or something?” To which I blushed and said “No, I work at an engineering firm, and since everyone else is in ties with short sleeve button down shirts, I feel like I should step it up.” Totally made my day…I will have advanced style yet!

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