My daughter ran off with our American flag the other day, letting it drag all over the ground and get covered in dirt. I think that may be illegal.

Mini Lady Liberty

Today I purchased a large floppy hat by justifying a vacation I might get to take (maybe) in August. Yes, a large hat. That is floppy.

I make fun of my mom for her QVC addition, but I can see how easy it can be to get in over your head. Online shopping is the devil.

My first kiss was so lovely and romantic, I hate remembering that it was with a total 13-year-old douchebag.

I sometimes wonder if I actually want more kids, or if we should just stay the happy little family we are now. Three is the magic number, or so they say.

Lately I have felt so uninspired, I haven’t wanted to write a word on this blog, knowing it would all come out negative. I’m afraid I might be all out of stories.

I have a very creative friend that wants to start a business with me. The thought of it gets me so excited, but then I remember that this family already owns a business and two entrepreneurs in one marriage could very well equal a crowd. But I can’t help wondering “what if?”

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  1. Mikayla
    Mikayla says:

    ADORABLE picture! But aren’t they all…

    Be sure and give the camera to Trent (for a change) when the floppy hat comes out!

    Internet shopping addiction IS the new QVC addiction!

    First kiss – geeze what a slut! I held out until I was 14 😉

    Um, more kids?! You guys make SUPER cute babies – why would you deprive the world of more?!?!

    Uninspired? You are my teacher for my blog! Shape up o-wise-one!

    A new business? Three is a crowd (another reason to have more kids) – two entreprenuers in a house = entertainment for MJ!

    I miss you – I should go see you….


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