A Conversation with Tate

It’s official, 22 months is my favorite. And my favorite color is “rocket” too.

(Lucy at the same age, here.)

A Case of the Mondays in Reverse

Longest week ever. Between the fevers and the puking and the 911 calls and the ambulances and the no sleep we are a mess. So Popsicles for dinner seemed appropriate. Because we all deserve it. #hellweek #love #motheringainteasy

So, last week happened. And it wasn’t very fun. I mean, sure, there were happy bits here and there (like the photo above, popsicles are always happy), but for the most part, we were a miserable bunch. We all came down with some sort of cold/flu-like business, which seemed to affect everyone a little differently as it passed from person to person. Tate had a high fever for about five days straight, woke up about 10 times a night, was a whiny little monkey, and became the clingiest child ever to hang on to their mom’s leg. Lucy’s looked more like a regular cold, except with a horrid cough. And Miss Lu has a bit of a gagging problem when it comes to horrid coughs, which led to three nights straight cleaning up vomit from her bed/bathroom (OMG so gross I’m sorry, TMI), while she apologized. It affected me more like a sinus infection, with a headache and body aches joining the party.

Then, to top it all off, on Friday evening, Tate got whacked in the head with a swing and promptly passed out, causing us to call 911 and have our first experience in an ambulance. It was extremely traumatic for Tater and I, but everything was fine, and he was up and running around again within the hour. I’ve never been more thankful for helpful and kind neighbors as I was on Friday night. My sweet neighbor not only called 911 for me, but lent me her phone so Tate could watch Mickey Mouse in the ambulance and took care of Lucy so well, she didn’t even realize an ambulance came to the house until later that evening when someone mentioned it in passing.

Today it is rainy and dreary outside, and I’m so happy to be hunkered down with my laptop, coffee and Tate. Before I quit my old job, Mondays were my least favorite day of the week. I had a weekly presentation at 8:30 every Monday morning, and it was like being thrown in a bucket of cold water after a busy weekend with the family. Now, Mondays look much different. And after the chaos of the past few days, I’m so grateful for my Monday. I get up early to make coffee for myself and Trent, and take a good 30 minutes to catch up on emails, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc. before anyone else gets up. I then start the very long process of waking Lu up for school, all the while making lunches and packing backpacks. I run her to school while Trent stays home with Tate, and when I get home, Trent heads off to the office. Tate and I then settle in with some cartoons (his choice, which NEVER happens on the weekends, so he is very excited on Monday mornings) and I start in on my work. After a while, we head to the gym where Tate plays and I get those ever-important endorphins going. We usually go grocery shopping for the week as well, and before we know it, it’s time for Tate’s nap. After nap we pick up Lucy from school, and things usually get hectic again from there. But with a nice, gentle Monday morning under our belts, we can handle just about anything.

First Days and Cuddlebugs


Yesterday Tate started at his first Parent’s Day Out program. Both of us couldn’t be more excited. After two and half years in full time daycare, having him in a small, close knit class, two days a weeks seems like the right mix for both of us. I get two days completely kid-free and able to work without sneaking in frantic emails during nap time and multiple viewings of Thomas the Train, and Tate gets some socialization and fun with kids his own age. Near the end of this summer, Tate really started to get antsy, and it was affecting all of us. But today, after his first day (where he ran into the class happy in the morning and then didn’t want to leave at the end) he was a total gem. Polite, sweet to his sister, cuddly…where did my toddler tantrum king go?! I mean, not that I miss that particular part, but still, only one day and he seemed like a different kid.

I know it’s probably not permanent, as nothing ever is during these mixed-up toddler years, but man oh man, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy Weekend : A Summer Carnival


A few weeks ago we attended the Annual 4th of July Celebration in the small town of Wamego, Kansas. We try and go every year, but this was the first time we were blessed with good weather and it was actually cooler than 100 degrees! In fact, it was a crisp 75 degrees, which is unheard of for Kansas in the summer. We took full advantage, riding all the rides we could at the carnival, and then eating as much salty popcorn and sweet fried dough as we could fit in our mouths. We are a gluttonous bunch. Here are a few photos from the day. I think since it’s technically our last weekend of summer (school starts for Lucy on Monday, boo!), they are pretty appropriate. Summer 2013, you were super fun.







Random, but I had a total moment of deja vu while watching Tate on the flying elephant ride. When we got home I ended up finding a photo of Lu doing the exact same thing a few years ago…on the same elephant! Cue the theme from “It’s a Small World.”


P.S. Special thanks to my sister-in-law Ashley for snapping a few pics of Lulu and I on the rides.

Sleep Deprived and a Little Bit Crazy

How we are handling the boy who keeps climbing out of the crib....mattress on the floor FTW.

Both of my kids have always been champion sleepers. Even at 7, Lucy still needs a good 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night to function like a normal human. Tate is the same way. He’s always slept around 12 hours a night, and still takes 2 to 3 hour naps during the day. It’s their father’s genetics playing around in their bodies, they all love sleep.

But in the last few weeks, things have gotten a little nutty around our house. Our sweet boy has officially decided the crib is no longer his favorite place to be. He first climbed out a couple of weeks ago, in an angry fit that I hadn’t given him the appropriate amount of hugs before bedtime. It was a few days before he tried again, but now there is no containing him. And apparently those crib-tent things are no longer safe, so I can’t zip him in to his crib either. Grrr.

Our current solution (until we find the right bed for his room…which isn’t exactly in the budget since we just redid Lucy’s room two weeks ago) is the always classy mattress on the floor (demonstrated in the image above, and yes, he does sleep with five blankets and 10 stuffed animals). I suppose it is sort of working in that he’s not about to break his arm climbing the crib anymore, but he still isn’t sleeping very well. I will hear little noises at all hours of the night, and open the door to find him surrounded by his toys, wide awake like it’s Christmas morning. Twice I’ve checked on him in the middle of the night to find him asleep under a pile of books on the floor. And his new parlor trick is waking up at 4 a.m. and refusing to go back to sleep because it’s MORNING! GOOD MORNING LET’S PLAY CARS OR TRUCKS OR WATCH THOMAS THE TRAIN OR GO POTTY!!!!

Needless to say, I’m less than enthused.

So if you’ve seen me stumbling around the past few days or have been worried about my red eyes and all around crazy demeanor, please know it’s not you. It’s the kid’s fault. My god, it’s a good thing he’s cute.

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