Baby Dead Head

This was taken right before we explained to Lucy that our road trip would not consist of going to any outdoor festivals or partaking in smoking of any illegal substances. She was understandably disappointed.

Lack of Anything Productive to Say

I am in love. Again.

This baby is the coolest kid on the planet. Even at 5 a.m. when she yells for me to FEED HER FOR GOD’S SAKE! she still steals my heart. She looks so much like her father, especially when she’s pooping. Not sure why that is, maybe it’s the intense stare of concentration, but they look like twins when she does that. She looks so little like me I’m not even sure she’s mine, except for her giant feet. They give her away.

Anyway, I promise I will attempt to begin writing more frequently again soon. I know I’ve been promising that for the past 10 months, but it’s been a bit hectic around here. And then there are those problems with our wireless internet. You’d think with the tech guy and the spawn of the tech guy living in the house, we’d have reliable wireless internet. God’s cruel joke, I suppose.


Lucinda (Lucy) Sloan Peters! She was born on Saturday at 10:53 p.m., 7 lbs 9 oz and 19 inches long. She has so much freaking hair on her head, but luckily, none on her body. So a big HA! goes out to those who kept saying we were going to have monkey babies! She’s an expert in pooping, screaming and sleeping, and is working on the whole “eating from Mama” thing. She is also an expert in being the most beautiful freaking baby I’ve ever seen in my whole life!!!

To see some images from Lucy’s first big photo shoot, which may continue for the rest of her life, click here.

Wonderful Life

Hello fellow Crazy Bananas readers. This is the Bearded Wonder (AKA Trent) taking over for a post. Though I’m not quite as funny or witty as the author of this blog, I do have an important announcement to make. As most of you know, I impregnated my beautiful girlfriend approximately 7 weeks ago 2 days ago. What a magnificent life changing event this is and I thank you for all you support given so far, and in advance for all the times to come. I wanted to be the first to post a picture of our newly created life on the internet.


How cool is that? You could hear a little heart beating during the sonogram. During which I experienced some unfamiliar emotion for the first time that must be something only a father experiences.

However, a post on CB dot com wouldn’t be complete without something funny, View image (<--- Click Here for the Internet Challenged)

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