David Hasselhoff in Chicago!

David Hasselhoff rocks my world!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Chicago was absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen such a great performance, and I’m acutally not being sarcastic. It was such a good show, Abbie and I were singing all night long! OK, that’s all for now…tomorrow we return to the states:) See everyone soon!

Still in London baby:)

So, we’re getting ready to leave our hostel and head off to our posh hotel (yeah right). I booked this hotel for the last two nights before we left in May, that way even if we had no money our last two nights would be paid for. Anyway, we may no longer have cheap internet access, so I thought I’d let everyone know how London is:) Abbie and I wondered around Leincester Square yesterday, but it pretty much rained all afternoon, so we decided to check out a movie at the biggest movie theater in London..and guess who’s at the same theater? You guessed it…Vin Disel! We think he might be following us around Europe. I mean one Vin Disel sighting is a coincidence, but two?! Anyway, today we wanted to go on a tour of the sights, but of course it was raining, so all we did was see everything from the bus. Tomorrow we’re gonna go back to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace (and hopefully it won’t rain). Tonight we’re going to see the play ‘Chicago’ in the theater district starrng the one and only David Hasselhoff (you’re all jealous, I know). If I can find another computer I’ll let everyone know how it goes:)
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