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I struggle every year to find words on this anniversary of a horrific event in our human history. I have written before about where I was, what I thought and how I’ve changed. But this year, I want to focus on how good life can be. The world is a scary, sick, sad place. Horrible things are happening all over the world as you read this frivolous blog post. But there is also joy. There is love and happiness and silliness and hope. If I’ve learning anything in the past year, happiness can make a sad world so much brighter. It sounds dumb, I know, but I really think finding happiness saved my life.

The #onefunthing project has been going on over at Instagram for a couple of weeks, and I’ve found it to be so healing and wonderful. Making myself take a photo of something fun every day has forced me to find the fun in things that would otherwise seem mundane. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the series:

Martini playdate. Score. #onefunthingGet in my belly. #onefunthing

Time at the ranch this morning. #horse #barn #onefunthingFarmers market flowers. #onefunthing

{clockwise from top left – martini playdate, macaroons for lunch, fresh flowers from the farmer’s market, an afternoon at the stable}

To those of you participating on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thank you! Looking at all of your images makes me so happy, which was the entire point. When you upload those, you’re making me smile. So, you pretty much rule. Thank you for putting goodness and light into the world. That is what will sustain us through days like these.

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