5 Months

Dear Tater Tot,

Today you are five months old…I know, right?! When your sister was five months old, she got two teeth, rolled over and went on a week-long nursing strike. Be ye not so dramatic, son. Spare your poor, fragile mother. Maybe you could just rock around on your back and stay stationary for another month or so. What do you say?

Adorable like whoa.

Tate, I literally can’t count how many times in the last month I’ve been complimented on your amazing demeanor, like I am the one who created it. Ha! That is all you, little man, the most mellow, happy baby in the world. Your daycare providers tell me every day how amazed they are with you and how you may be the happiest baby they’ve ever taken care of. Even on days when your gums hurt and your mama drinks coffee and then feeds you (whoops!) so you don’t sleep all afternoon, it doesn’t seem to faze you. In fact, just yesterday I was talking with one of the ladies at your daycare who said you’d only slept about 15 minutes all afternoon, but it never seemed to upset you. You just squealed and laughed and babbled away, completely oblivious to the fact that you were exhausted. That is, until you got in the car and promptly passed out. Poor baby.


Vocally, you have changed quite a bit this month. Now you are not only talking, but trying out new sounds and pitches. I hate to say it, son, but you scream like a girl. It’s the best. Your dad tells you to deepen that pitch a bit, but you just squeal again and give him a big grin. You’ve also hit a bunch of those baby milestones, like trying real food for the first time, finding your hands and feet, rocking from side to side and standing in your jumper. I am amazed at how fast it’s all going by, and I know before I realize you’ll be 18 and smelly and asking me to do your laundry. And I’ll do it. Just for you. Because it’s impossible not to be smitten with you.

IMG_7431 copy

Next week we are switching things up on you again, and you will now be staying home with a nanny for the summer. We felt this would be the best thing for both you and your sister, and I’m so pumped for you to finally beat this stupid, congestion/cold that has plauged you since starting daycare. You will be spending your days at home, with the awesome nanny I’m hoping will become like another member of the family. You know, I’m all about realistic expectations. What I’m most excited about is for you to get to be home with Lucy every day, as you two really bring out the best in each other. Watching her become a sister and watching you love on her has been the best thing about adding you to our crazy, little family. You light up when she enters a room, and she can never be close enough to you. One day I imagine you two will team up against me, but for now, I’m just enjoying the show.


Tate, we are so lucky that fate somehow intended you for us. I am in love with your sweet spirit, your easy-going demeanor, your ability to just laugh and smile while we drag you from soccer games to dance recitals to preschool music shows to playdates….on and on and on. Thank you so much for being you, my little man.

Love always,

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