10 Years Ago

We’re currently having some online issues at Crazy Bananas headquarters, least of all is my inability to alter pictures because of a loss of a certain photo software (R.I.P. Photoshop CS3), which is why there haven’t been any photos up here lately. And why the most recent photo icons at the left of this page are from a month ago. Here at Crazy Bananas, we tend to live in the past.

To further illustrate that fact, and because I really can’t do anything else with my lack of Internet connectivity (seriously, when I can’t even get to Google, we’ve got issues!), here are some lovely pictures passed on to me by Rebecca (yes, that Rebecca) from my 9th grade drama class. More photographic proof that I was, truly, the most awesome 14-year-old on the planet.

Here are my drama classmates and I in full costume for our performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Drama Class the Third
I was Helena, the cheerleader. Yes, apparently Shakepeare intended this character to be a cheerleader. Obviously. Rebecca (on the left) starred as Hermia, and we’re not sure what she was supposed to be. We think maybe she was supposed to be a catholic school girl or something…but it’s hard to tell. Lily, in the blue shirt, played Lysander, a male character. You can tell because she’s holding a hat in her hand. Our wardrobe department was truly innovative.

Here’s the whole class in front of our set, a giant, construction paper tree. Again, truly innovative.
Drama Class Again

Here I am displaying my constant need for attention. I think I was attempting to look attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?
Drama Class
Small sidenote: The guy next to me came out as gay later in high school. I know, it is hard to believe after seeing my seductive pose he decided he didn’t like women. I’m as dumbfounded as you are.

Thanks Rebecca! Have I mentioned that I hate you?
Drama Class times 4

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