Vintage Crazybananas: Further Humiliation (Attention)

At the request of my dear Abbie, I’ll be randomly re-posting some of my favorite past entries on this here website. When will I do this? Well, probably whenever I’m having a lazy blogging day (read: today) or whenever I spend a majority of my day mainlining Nyquil while attempting to wrap Christmas presents as my three-year-old smashes every ornament she can find (read: also today). This was first posted on July 5, 2007:

You think I like the attention, huh? Or else why would I continuously beat the dead horse that is my time spent at Space Camp. But no, I just keep writing about it. I first mentioned it here. Then here. And now…

Space Camp

Did I mention I was kind of slutty at Space Camp? Wheeeee!

Space Camp

You can tell I’m very upset the rest of my group did not inform me that we were all wearing our flight jackets that day. Seriously, dude, don’t even look at me! I’m hideous without my flight jacket!

Space Camp

Where do you go for awkward, sweaty hand-holding at Space Camp. A replica of the Apollo pod, of course! And boy, do we look pissed we were interrupted.

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