Just Dance. Seriously.


Whenever I find myself feeling sulky and mopey, a good song can switch up my entire attitude. Lately I’ve been playing a long rotation of songs from a playlist I call, “Over it. Let’s dance.” It’s Monday, so I figured many of you might be feeling a bit mopey too.

I’m over it.

You too? Great. Let’s dance.

Here are my top five tracks for getting out of a funk.

5. Hate to See You Like This – Fountains of Wayne

4. Warrior – Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-Trak

3. F*cking Boyfriend – The Bird and the Bee (Explicit)

2. You Be Killin Em – Fabolous

1. Whatever We Want – Chiddy Bang (Explicit)

The End. Let’s dance.

It’s the 3rd of July…

Why are you reading this? Why aren’t you headed off to some lakeside cabin or beach cottage to celebrate the birth of our country? Aren’t you a patriot? SOCIALIST!!!

OK, you might just be stuck at work like me. I mean, whoever invented holidays occurring on a Wednesday should be soundly scolded. Trent and I both have to work Thursday and Friday, not to mention today, so we aren’t headed anywhere for this big holiday. Our plans include sleeping in, sparklers and grilling out in the backyard. We might even head to the pool, but that’s only if things get crazy. So in case you’re the only person in your office and need some links to get you through the day, I’m here to help!


Best 4th of July Playlist: An Evening In, By Maggie Mason

Best 4th of July Party Idea: A Backyard Movie Night (Tutorials here or here)

Best TV Series to Catch Up on During Your Day Off: The Newsroom just started on HBO, so I, of course, won’t really get to watch it until next year when it comes out on DVD, but you can catch the first episode online. It’s pretty dang good so far. P.S. This preview is TOTALLY NSFW so don’t watch at the office without headphones (just language stuff, nothing smutty).

Best Back-up Series in Case You’re Like Me and Don’t Have HBO (waaaahhhh): Thanks to Netflix I have finally started in on the first of the many seasons of Friday Night Lights, and good lord, it’s freaking fantastic. The below preview has some spoilers, so don’t watch if you’re like me and are catching up five years later…

Best Firework Photos So Far: Photos of the Kansas City Country Club’s exhibition this weekend are at Ramsey’s Blog

Best Fun Beach Read (even if you’re miles from a beach): Messy, by the Fug Girls

Best Swimsuit for Moping at the Local Pool Instead of on a Yacht Somewhere: The Poppy Bikini over at J. Crew.

Best Grilling Tip I’ve Found and Used via the Internet: How to Grill a Steak

(Photo from July 4, 2011…when we actually had the good sense to take a few days off. Harumph.)

The Crazybananas Summer 2012 Playlist

First of all, I’m apparently 13 years old, because this video makes me so, so happy (via Lane).

I mean…right?! If you wondering if plans are in the works for a Crazybananas version, THE ANSWER IS YES! And, also, you should probably be a little afraid.

I am headed on a trip this week to celebrate summer and success and all around awesomeness, so I’ve been loading up the iPhone with a playlist to keep me happy as I hop from plane to plane. I think I’ve succeeded. Enjoy the 2012 Summer Mix! Dancing is required (not optional).

Roll Credits 2011

Every year I make a little playlist for all of you (see past years here and here and here and here) and this year is no exception. I tried to vary my selections a little bit this year so your ears won’t bleed too much from indie band whining, and also included some pop hits that were the soundtrack to my year. Beyonce? Yes, Lucy loves that song. Jay and Kayne? Yeah, sometimes we all need to shake it a little.

And of course, there are some songs you’ve never heard of and probably will make you want to jump off a bridge. But give it a chance. Goodbye 2011, you were awesome. Here’s to 2012!

(To hear the full and more amazing version of this playlist [some songs I loved couldn’t be found via Playlist.com], get it on Spotify. Do it, trust me.)

I Did It! And my dad’s hair is epic.


Goals, man. They are pretty awesome. I ran my first 5K last Saturday and I was lucky enough to have my dad join me. I ran way, waaaaayyyy better than I expected and my dad ran his best race since 2007. It was surprisingly emotional for me, especially watching my dad finish strong. It’s incredible to think a little over a year ago he was living in my basement during cancer treatment. He’s such an amazing guy. Damn, now I’m all choked up again.

Before I start blubbering like an idiot let’s move on to my key running tool, music. Specifically, embarrassing music. This is my 5K playlist. In order to avoid freaking out about normal race related items (I’m going to fall over dead on the side of the road and it’s going to be so awkward for the other runners to jump over me), I spent a stupid amount of time crafting the perfect playlist. I wanted it to reflect how I’d be feeling throughout the race, starting slow and even, then pumping me up at the end so I’d finish strong. I timed it so as I crossed the finish line, my girl B. Spears would be blasting in my ears. Classy, I know. But it worked. So if you are planning a race soon, I recommend listening to as much Britney as possible. Actually, you should be listening to as much Britney as possible regardless of your race status. Duh.

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