Tater and Tedders : Best Buddies and Greatest Nemises

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Some days they are best buddies. They are honestly pretty similar. There is something about a three-year-old boy and a puppy that would make anyone’s heart jump a little bit, but these two are as good of friends as they are each other’s greatest enemy. They are each equally curious, ornery, smart and quick, which makes for some hectic days around our house. Every morning, when Tate comes shuffling down the hall after waking, the first thing he looks for is Teddy. “Aw, hiiii puppy!” he says in his gravely, sleepy voice. That’s when it starts. Teddy, who is always super pumped to see people, runs up to Tate at full, out of control, puppy speed and knocks him right over. Tate screams at the top of his lungs, which gets Teddy even more excited. At this point, after two months with Teddy in our home, almost all of Tate’s shirts have little holes in the back, where Teddy has grabbed him with his little puppy teeth. Tate is definitely not innocent in this…every time Teddy lays down or settles in with a toy or bone, there is Tate, jumping on top of him or taking his toy and running away, giggling maniacally.

Movie night at our house, watching Chiddy Chiddy Bang bang :) #instateddy #teddygram #puppy #rottie #365grateful

“Mama, I just giving Teddy love,” he’ll explain when I catch him. There is no amount of convincing that will make Tate realize that most puppies don’t like to be “strangled” with love. And there is no amount of dog commands that will convince Teddy that Tate’s screams are not one’s of happiness. He just thinks the little human wants to play! So most mornings and evenings are full of “No, Teddy, no biting!” and “Tate, leave that dog alone!” It’s a loud, hectic life we’re leading.

Lucky kids, lucky dog. #365grateful #instateddy #teddygram #puppy #rottie

But every once in a while, I find them snuggled together on the couch watching cartoons, or sleeping together during nap time, twin snores emitting from Tate’s bed. There is so much love here. It might be tainted with screams and little puppy bite marks, but I can still see it. Right now they are about equal in size, but very soon, Teddy will outgrow our little boy, so we are working hard training both of them to treat each other with respect. And even though they bicker, I can already tell they are going to be the best of friends. We are so lucky to have found Teddy. Just proves to me, once again, the good things in life are worth waiting for.

Icy Friday morning with the boy and his dog... #puppy #rottie

Introducing…the 26th President of the United States!

IMG_8390 copy

He’s nameless no more! We’re proud to introduce Theodore Roosevelt Peters, otherwise known as Teddy, the cutest puppy ever born. This little buddy has only been with our family a week and he’s already fitting in quite nicely. He is such a sweetie, and we’re feeling pretty lucky to have him around. His likes include chewing on furniture, chasing Tate all over the house, eating sticks in the backyard, making groups of young ladies squeal at his adorableness in the River Market, watching Christmas movies and cuddling on the couch.


Last week we had a little dusting of snow, so of course we had to take Teddy out in his new winter coat to enjoy it all. He’s still getting used to the leash (and the toddler) so he was a bit freaked out by it all. In general, he’s adjusting really well. He hangs out with me and Tate during the days we are home, and comes down to the office with me when I’m working downtown. He’s becoming my little sidekick, and I’m loving it. I’m going to have to stop carrying him around everywhere though, as it’s becoming very apparent that Teddy is going to be one giant dog. He’s just shy of three months old and he’s a beast already!


(P.S. Thanks for sticking with us as we work out some hosting issues here at Crazybananas. The site has been up and down for a few weeks, as has my email, but we’re working on getting everything fixed so we don’t have to go through this again. This means we’re moving to a new host…which means in the meantime we will probably still be up and down intermittently. I love you guys for being so patient! I’m taking this forced blogging hiatus very seriously, and spending my free time cuddling with sweet Teddy, playing trains with Tate, ice skating with Lu and eating lots of Christmas cookies. It isn’t that bad, honestly!)

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