Our New Home

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A Holiday Report

Christmas went well, as did Trent’s birthday. I, with the assistance of Cindy, Ashley, and Josh Durfelt, threw Trent a surprise party on Thursday. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up! Who knew he was such a popular guy??? I think he had a pretty good time because he was so hungover on Friday that he didn’t even get up til around 2:00 p.m. Christmas was great too. I helped Trent’s sister make a DVD for Lee and Cindy with pictures of the kids. Kind of a photoalbum with music. I was, as per usual, totally spoiled by Trent’s family on Christmas. My family’s Christmas was last week, but they spoiled me as well. Anyway, hope the holidays treated everyone as well as they treated me.

Finally, it feels like home

So I’m back in good ole’ KC after a Labor Day weekend in Michigan with Trent’s family. It was way more fun that I ever thought it could be, and I think it really helped Trent and I to get back to normal. Just spending time with him alone and with people that love him made me see how lucky I am to have his love. I think anyone who has the chance should head up to Lake Michigan for some R&R. It was truly a beautiful place. If I can ever figure out this whole picture thing, there will be pictures on this site! I promise:)

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