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Hello fellow Crazy Bananas readers. This is the Bearded Wonder (AKA Trent) taking over for a post. Though I’m not quite as funny or witty as the author of this blog, I do have an important announcement to make. As most of you know, I impregnated my beautiful girlfriend approximately 7 weeks ago 2 days ago. What a magnificent life changing event this is and I thank you for all you support given so far, and in advance for all the times to come. I wanted to be the first to post a picture of our newly created life on the internet.


How cool is that? You could hear a little heart beating during the sonogram. During which I experienced some unfamiliar emotion for the first time that must be something only a father experiences.

However, a post on CB dot com wouldn’t be complete without something funny, View image (<--- Click Here for the Internet Challenged)

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4 replies
  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    I am so glad that you put that on here, good job Trent! It’s so amazing and awesome! Congrats again, and since the fact that you were in a major car crash seems to elude this site, I would like to say that I am glad that you are okay. Time to go to school…I got to sleep in again today, well yesterday was just skipping class, this was actually my class didn’t start until a little later…anyways…I am still tired and still want to go back to bed…life blows

  2. Allison
    Allison says:

    I love the new addition to the family! My little niece or nephew is very beautiful. Megan – I think you’re right – you are gonna have a very hairy baby. Wonder if it’ll be a red-head. Much love to you guys. Can’t wait for the big day. Al.

  3. mikayla
    mikayla says:

    You guys are adorable. I am so happy things are getting exciting for you. I have to admit I can’t see a damn thing in that sonogram. All I see is a big beautiful blob. So congrats on the new blob.

  4. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    I have never wanted to shoot myself more than today…not really, but seriously…it only gets worse before it gets better, isn’t that what “they” say? Well, I’ll keep that in mind buy I don’t know how far in the future it will get me. Big beautiful blob… 🙂


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