When RLS Strikes

Have you heard of RLS? It’s a very annoying disease that is advertised constantly on TV because, for heaven’s sake, its keeping people awake! Restless leg syndrome is a VERY SERIOUS problem and nothing to be snickered at! Stop laughing, seriously. Or you may end up like me.

Last night (after a day that started at 4:45 a.m. and continued full tilt, without a break until 11 p.m., the second day in a row like this) I told Trent as we lay in bed that I think I may suffer from RLS. He said he thinks I suffer from “Squirmy Ass Sleeper Syndrome” and that I’m a hypocondriac. He may be right, but this lack of sleep lately is really making me loopy.

And it’s as if Lucy knows that I’m stressed out, that I’ve taken on too many projects, and she wants to make sure I know where my priorities are. So she’s woken up the last two nights in a row at 2 a.m. and proceeded to scream until about 4 a.m. Which gives Mama about 3 hours of sleep total, with only 2 of those hours being in a row. Which makes for one grumpy ass Mama. With RLS.

Last night during her second awakening I asked if Trent would go get her and give her some Tylenol, as I had to get up in about 2 hours and I’d tried everything else and when all else fails it must be teething, so TIME TO DRUG THE BABY! He got up and I rolled over. He came back into bed and she was quiet. For about 15 minutes. When the screaming resumed Trent rolled to me and said, “Hey, you may wanna go give her some milk and Tylenol.”

“You didn’t give her Tylenol?”


“The Tylenol I specifically asked you to give her?”


Then he rolled back over. And my head exploded. I went in, gave her Tylenol and she fell right asleep on my shoulder. Then, after I’d placed her back in her crib I stomped into our bedroom and hopped into the bed, pulled the covers off of Trent and smugly “harumph-ed” into my pillow. I showed him. I was right. And he wasn’t. Point, me.

Then my alarm went off.


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