What’s really important?

I’ve been asking that question of myself a lot lately. As I sit here at work, almost physically unable to sustain all of the changes in my life recently, I wonder: “Is it even worth it to be here?” In the long run of things, getting the schedule to the client a few days early isn’t what really matters. I understand that you have to keep your personal life and your professional life separate, but when something that should take a year or two to plan out has to be done in a week, then it’s flipping HARD TO CONCENTRATE. Trent keeps telling me I can’t get stressed, just let it go, do what I can and move on to the next thing.

Luckily for me, I was able to confide in someone at work who will cover my stuff when I have to scurry out of the office. She who is known as the “Queen all that is Cheez-It” and the woman who started the evil Cheez-It trend at our office. At this moment, there are three boxes of Cheez-It’s on three different desks. It’s a Cheez-It REVOLUTION!

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  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Just wanted to throw a shout out to everyone…shout out…be sure to catch it, if it hits it will hurt. Hey, it turns out that the other test that I thought I did horrible on could have possibly been graded incorrectly, so I may have actually done decent..pray for me..as well as yourself..it would also be nice if you would call me once and a while…I have stopped not answering the phone after the events of last week, it just didn’t seem right. Well off I do to try and find two outside sources that have to to with whether the US should try to become closer with the EU, oh yes and some side astronomy…it is all so easy for me now..just kidding…I still cry myself to sleep. ANYWAYS…must jet to get myself educated.


  2. TP
    TP says:

    Obviously our Cheez-It box has enlisted in the Cheez-It Revolution at Mego’s office because I can’t find that box of orange-cheezy goodness anywhere. Good thing there is not a Cheerios revolution taking place or I’d go hungry.


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