The Best Dog Ever

Molly Rotty

I was all set to write a fun end of the week post today…but unfortunately I have some sad news from my little family. Our wonderful, loyal, beautiful dog, Professor Molly McGoo, Phd., died last night. We are so very, very sad. Molly was an old dog, but her sickness came on quite quickly, and so soon after the loss of Grandpa Ron. Lucy is taking it very hard, because right before Grandpa Ron passed, her other pet, Rainbow the Fish, died as well. Our poor little girl has been through a lot these past few weeks, as have we all.

Instead of wallowing in sadness, I’d like to take a minute to remember how awesome Molly was. She was the second pet Trent and I adopted together, and we couldn’t have lucked out more. She was a shelter rescue, and had such an even, sweet temperament. When Lu was a baby she’d follow her all over the house, making sure she was okay. Even though she was older when Tate was born, she tolerated his craziness, always letting him pull on her ears and tackle her when he was trying to give her hugs. She was big enough to be scary when people came to the door, but would never hurt a fly. She was truly wonderful, and we were lucky to have so many lovely years with her by our side.

We love you Molly, and we already miss you like crazy.

Molly Snow Dog

Happy Molly

A Boy and His Dog


Car Buddies


Snow Dog

The Girls At Sunset

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  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    So sorry for your loss. We lost our Lefty early this year after 8 short, wonderful years and it still makes me sad. They are such a part of the family. We are thinking of you all.


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