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Have you all started shopping for holiday cards yet? I have a love/hate relationship with holiday cards, mostly because they are a big pain in the butt. First you need a picture, then a great card, then you have to hand address a hundred of them because you’re a little OCD (okay, that might just be me). And we have an added layer of difficulty because we’re not a religious bunch. In general, I don’t feel super comfortable sending out a “Merry Christmas!” card or a card that mentions “blessings” because we’re not Christians and it feels strange for me to act like we are. However, we do LOVE the season of giving and sharing with others, so we do celebrate Christmas (and per request from Lu, apparently we’re celebrating Hanukkah this year as well) so we’d like to take the time send out some good thoughts and a cute photo to our friends and family.

This is why I love They have a huge selection of modern cards, including tons that are non-denominational. And they are clever….”Happy Everything!” Yes. Exactly. Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s collection:


You can find all of these, and tons more, over at Minted. And if anyone wants to come help me hand address a few envelopes, I’d be grateful!

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