Every year it happens. I slowly stop posting as much to the blog. I fade away from Twitter and Facebook and my Google Reader. I should really just put it on my calendar. And yet, every year, I’m surprised when I realize I need a break from it all.

Though the interweb gives me so many good things, so much inspiration and happiness and joy, it can also tend to suck me in when I am needed elsewhere. And right now I am most definitely needed elsewhere.


This next month is full of exciting, incredible things. A first ever girlfriends vacation (and a first real trip away from Lucy). A baby shower for a good friend (and possibly a baby!). A family vacation to the beach. Seeing our new baby and finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. Life, man. It’s just nutso.

Backseat Driving

So, until mid-August, I’m out. Inspired by the lovely Gwen Bell I am taking a digital sabbatical. I’m closing down the Google Reader. I’m deleting TweetDeck from my laptop and my phone. Ditto with my Facebook app.

What will I be doing. Well, I’ll still be answering emails, as work and life insist on it. I’ll still check in to my IM once a day, but only for 20 minutes each time. I’ll occasionally post pictures to Flickr (which is linked to Twitter, so there may even be a Twitter update here or there). I will answer texts and phone calls. So I guess I’m not totally gone, just a bit harder to reach. Although, being hard to reach isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, if you need me, you can find me. And if it’s not worth the extra effort, you obviously didn’t need me that badly anyway.

Other things I intend on doing:

– Reading two novels.
– Make a storybook with Lulu.
– Spend countless nights/weekends swimming at the pool.
– Get in some much needed girlfriend time.
– Trade jokes with friends.
– Drink cherry limades.
– Laugh my ass off.
– Grow a new baby.
– Teach Lu to ride her two-wheeler.
– Have several movie nights.
– Do yoga weekly (or more…hopefully more!).
– Journal in a real book.
– Create something.
– Cross two things off my life list.

Until August, my lovelies!

Ready. Set. Live!

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  1. kt
    kt says:

    I’ll miss seeing your posts, but I hope to get in some face time with you. Sign me up for any swimming, movies, girlfriend time or trading jokes. Take me off the list of growing babies. Seriously. If my name is on that list, take it off. 🙂


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