Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D.

Last night I finally sat down in front of Cali’s kennel, and cleaned everything out. I found her favorite chew toy (a red Kong) along with several leashes she’d chewed through. I also found what we dubbed “The Scary Collar,” which we had to use to keep her from breaking our arms off. She actually did break Trent’s Mom’s finger before the use of the “Scary Collar” was required when walking Cali.

I found her old vet bills and information. I found her forms from her first check-up, when we couldn’t get her to eat dry food. We had to get this damn prescription food that cost 20 bucks a pop! We did it though. She was our baby. Our first real responsibility. And though she had too much energy and was never really good at that “come” command, she loved us. And we adored her.

Today we adopted the newest addition to this Peters/Spooner Project. She’s a 1-year-old Rott-mix named Molly. Technically it’s Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D., but she’s Molly to those who know her. She’s the exact opposite of Cali. She’s super-mellow, almost to the point of laziness. She never pulls on the leash. When a bird or squirrel flies by, she just gives it a passing glance. Actually, I probably shouldn’t say all of this, since we’ve only had her for 4 hours and I’m sure she’ll be much different in a few days.

I will always love and miss Cali. But the time has come to move on. Closure is a good thing. And so are new beginnings.

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