London Baby!

Cheers everyone! I’m in London, but I haven’t seen anything yet because we just got here. We got into our hostel, which is pretty nice with heaps of cool people (and a game room, ha ha Trent). I think today Abbie and I may go on a double-decker bus tour of the city, and we’re going to try and get theater tickets as well. There seems to be alot to do in London, and everyone speaks English!! Yipee! We took a cab from Waterloo station to our hostel and it was so cute. And everyone drives on the wrong side of the road! (How hickish and Kansas do I sound?) OK, that’s all for now. I’ll write more after we actually go see something. And for those who want souvenirs….don’t keep asking or you won’t get anything!

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  1. kp
    kp says:

    Can’t leave London without trying a kidney pie and a pint in a local pub. Could be the most memorable moment of the visit.-kp

  2. rumpus
    rumpus says:

    hello crazy bananas, i am writing to tell you thati work at the emerson college library in boston massachusettes where i am often times extremely bored. therefore, i got a book called your deaf child, from the recycling bin and have been coloring and drawing in the pages. one of the pages i made was of a crazy banane (it was red) and i wrote on it crazy bananas! get it? cause like if you go crazy youre bananas…crazy bananas! hahaha. then today i was even more bored at work so was all, hmm i wonder if theres a crazy bananas dot com. and there was.


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