La vita nuova…

So here I am…a new life. It seems like I just got back from Italy, but already I have 2 jobs and a whole new life. I’m working at a restuarant on the Plaza in KC, and I’m also starting a job at an engineering/architectual firm. I just got the call about the job tonight, and I was extremely excited! I know that people expect me to succeed, so it’s not as big of a deal for them, but it is for me! I’m just waiting to fall on my face… I’m hoping I can keep up my lucky streak and make this new job an excellent experience. Pace, Amore, e tutti quelli altri cosi!!!

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  1. ERin
    ERin says:

    you’ll do great!!! So are you doing PR for the firm? I just got a real job too. It isn’t official yet (no contract signed) but I am going to be the Director of Operations for the Sunflower State Games 🙂 YIPEE

  2. KP
    KP says:

    Well done!! I wouldn’t worry about falling on your face, just go with the flow, tuck your head and roll back up to your feet and keep on goin’!


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