Keepin’ on, keepin’ on

Ciao tutti! Hope all is well for all three of you that may read this page. I have love for each of you (and a little bit left for those of you who never read this page, just in case you happen to stop by). Things are still busy here in KC. I’m still working at both the engineering firm and Baja 600…but I will be quitting Baja ASAP! I was offered a position filling in for someone at the engineering firm who is pregnant, and the position will last until her maternity leave is over (mid-March). After that I will hopefully get offered a permanent full-time position. Apparently Baja may be closing for most of the winter anyway, for renovations, etc., so the timing is excellent. I do have to work on Thanksgiving though:( Not too thrilled about that, but at least I know I’ll make a ton of money with everyone out to see the Plaza lights. Then I’m heading home on Friday for Thanksgiving with Trent’s family. I’m excited. I haven’t been home in over a month (a long time for me) and it’s always good to see your loved ones, especially when you’ve missed them so much. I’ve been going out more often, attempting to be social with some of Trent’s friends and some people from Baja. It’s hard because I feel so in-between! I’m not really old enough to be schmoozing on the Plaza, but I’m too old to be taking care of people who are puking at some shitty bar! Hopefully, I’ll find my nitch soon:) Anyway, love you all, and leave me comments so I know you’re still visiting this site! If not, then I may shut it down (the horror, I know).

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  1. kp
    kp says:

    Have a great holiday! Good news about the full-time spot til March, waaay better than watching an abandoned patio at Baja wonderin’ why you’re there. Ba-bye for now KP


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