I need a snack…

When I was in Italy I gained a good 25 lbs. No, I am not exaggerating and I’m not overcompensating like many females do when it comes to weight gain. And no, I’m not saying it just so people will tell me I’m not fat.

You see, in Italy (on top of all the great food and wine) there are huge amounts of dolci, otherwise known as artery-clogging sweets. Gelato, the most delicious of all ice-cream, was my arch nemisis. It usually won.

Hello, my name is Megan and I’m a snacker. I love candy, treats, greasy foods and anything with sugar.

Literally, I was getting on the plane from Portugal to Amsterdam and I almost shit myself when I learned there would be no snacks on the plane! “NO SNACKS! WHAT KIND OF COMMUNIST COUNTRY IS THIS!!!”

I know that my obsessive problems with food are mostly genetic. My mother is the queen of bad eating and slow metabolisms. She used to be one of those “tiny people” who could never gain weight. 700 McChicken nuggets later…it’s a different story.

Today my boss noticed my crabby demenor and brought me back a bag of Snickers Poppables. She knows the way to my heart is through my tummy. I have almost eaten the whole bag. Chubbs, it seems, has returned. Now I just have to make sure I don’t become the McChicken Princess.

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  1. Mikayla
    Mikayla says:

    I can relate to the foreign weight gain. When I traveled I was so amazed that they would serve me, a 18 year old from small town Iowa, a beer on the plane before we even left Florida soil for South America. I decided I would try everything this country could offer me, even the beer which I had never had before.
    Needless to say 6 months later I gained a few inches over my entire body totalling 10 Kilos, trying everything backfired.
    The best part is loosing it, is it not Meg? You definatly have with those great belly dancing classes, she looks hot!

  2. TP
    TP says:

    “She used to be one of those “tiny people” who could never gain weight. 700 McChicken nuggets later…it’s a different story.”

    I think you forgot a couple zeros after 700.

    And I agree Mikaya, she’s HOT!


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