Happy Weekend!

happy weekend 6-14

Hooray, it’s the weekend! And for the first time in MONTHS, we have nothing going on. No recitals or birthdays or weddings or airplane trips or school events or soccer games or dance classes…NADA! I might be a little excited about this. I think we’re going to try and splash around in the sprinklers with friends, hang at the pool, buy Lulu her new bike and plant some flowers. And nap, probably. Lots of naps.

It feels like it’s already been summer for ages, but due to our crazy travel/life schedule, last night was the first time we were able to go to the pool. And whoa, is it different this year. Last year Tate was tiny, so I just parked his sleeping butt in a stroller and played with Lu for hours. These days he is all over the place, which makes pool time a bit crazy. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon, or else we may be stuck in grass sprinklers all summer.

Here are a few things I loved around the web this week:

This raspberry/ice cream pie is on my list of must do’s this weekend…that is, if I ever manage to leave my house.

Still on the lookout for a Father’s Day gift? Check out the Alison Show’s free printable for a perfect foot massage. Although, I’d give this to my husband. Giving it to my own dad might be a little creepy.

This tutorial is so beautiful! Not only does it teach a super cute and easy hairstyle, it’s shot in such a lovely way.

Will someone throw a movie night party with me? Puh-leeese!

I recently finished all three seasons of Community and it’s officially one of my favorite shows. You have to watch from the beginning, or it’s really hard to get in to (trust me, I’ve put it off for years because I kept trying to start in the middle and kept getting confused), but it’s so worth it.

Okie dokie, time for this week’s Instagrams! Most of our photos this week are from the wedding weekend in Manhattan, but I sneaked a few other randoms in there too. Remember, if you’re on Instagram, you can find me at Crazy_Bananas.






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