Growing Up


One of my favorite things about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time. When I first started snapping pics as a little side business, I invited a few moms from Lulu’s playgroup to bring their kids to the park and I’d shoot some photos for them. I got invaluable practice, they got some cute pics of their little ones…it was a win/win!


In years past, I have played down my photography skills for mostly dumb reasons. I wasn’t a professional or I wasn’t very good or I was a fake. A lot of self-sabotaging crap, if you know what I’m saying. I figured as long as I kept saying I sucked, people wouldn’t criticize my work. Guess what, that’s not true. People are going to like or not like what I’m doing, regardless. And that’s not my problem. My job is to do the best work I can, and try to keep my clients as happy as possible.


Turns out, the minute I threw that bad attitude out the window and just went for it, the whole endeavor became so much more fun! And I was pleasantly surprised how many repeat customers have come ringing. Turns out, I was doing pretty good work the whole time, I was just too busy playing myself down to notice. And now I have some fun time capsules of both some beautiful clients, but my own growth as a photographer. Another win/win!

(Special thanks to the Thomas Family, the Stover Family and the Streeter Family for trusting me to capture their memories. You guys rock!)

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