Goodbye 2012


2012 highlights….

Spring – we went to New York City on our first trip without the kids // i completed my 2012 goal of starting to ride horses again // i started the path finder course // my little sis graduated from high school // we started finding places we love in our city with a trip to powell gardens

Summer –
we beat the drought with a lot of time in sprinklers // we attended my sister in law’s wedding at the family farm // i updated my life list // i was featured over at BlogHer Tech // we watched hours of the olympics

Fall –
i turned 30 (and then had an amazing celebration in las vegas) // i started writing for sweet lemon magazine’s blog, the zesty digest // i took a leap and signed up for the cultivating courage e-course // i held my first annual mini-shoot // we said goodbye to the best dog ever

Winter – i quit my day job // we sent out our unique holiday card // i accepted a position as research editor for design for minikind and was selected by olay to have part of my life list sponsored // we made our first holiday video greeting // i revealed in my new schedule and path


2012 has been pretty fantastic, but I’m pumped for 2013! This year will be so different from every year prior, with my job responsibilities changing so much, and me taking on freelance and part-time work instead of a 50 hour a week day job. I’m quickly learning that this new schedule has tons of challenges, the biggest one being how to fit all this work in when I have the Tate home three days a week and Lu and Tate home on the weekends. January is looking to be insane, with my Go Mighty Challenge and Alt Summit both packing my schedule, along with starting a new job and a new freelance gig.

So…cheers to 2012, and welcome 2013! You’re looking pretty cute. I think we’re gonna be friends!

(My new year, new life anthem, Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding)

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