Farm Wedding Wrap-Up


Last weekend, under the huge Kansas sky and with the wind whipping at our faces, we watched as Trent’s beautiful sister was married to a wonderful man that is now and forever part of our crazy family. Sorry, buddy, that’s life! Lulu served as one of two flower girls (the other was new baby cousin Brooklyn!) and was so nervous to walk down the aisle by herself. I was so proud of her for sticking it out and making it not only down the aisle, but also standing in front of 200 people for the entire wedding. Lulu rules.


The first few days were spent turning the family farmhouse and yard into a beautiful wedding site. Trent’s other sister was married in the same spot a few years ago, so the family had some experience throwing a huge event at the house. Thursday and Friday were filled with people rushing around, putting up giant tents for the reception, delivering hay bales for the attendees to sit on, building an archway out of sticks and branches, putting together centerpieces and drinking gallons of iced tea. As always, I was marginally helpful due to a few crazy kiddos I had to keep an eye on. We also got to meet and hang out with baby Brooklyn for the first time, which was such a treat! I loved watching Lulu get to be the big cousin for once (all her other cousins are older) and fall so madly in love with the newest member of the family.

On Thursday all the girls got manicures and pedicures, which Lulu adored. Poor Grandpa was stuck watching the babes at home, and I think that was more exhausting than the wedding itself! That night Lulu and I went to a Ladies Cocktail Hour to celebrate the bride, where Lu basically spun around in the backyard for an hour and I drank wine. I’d call that a successful evening!


The rehearsal was the only time I even busted out my real camera, since Trent’s sister asked I take some shots for her. I’m glad I did, because I certainly didn’t think to do it on the wedding day (there was just too much going on to be lugging around that big ole’ camera).


The day of the wedding was hectic and crazy, but the bride was actually quite calm. Trent and I used our last wedding experience as a warning, and decided to have our babysitter come out and stay at the house, so we could enjoy the festivities without having to deal with a crazy toddler. This was probably the best decision we’ve ever made. She hung out with Tate until the reception, where he came out and showed off for everyone for 30 minutes, and then she put him to bed. She hung out inside in case he woke up and Trent, Lu and I were able to party down without worry. And when the time finally came for Lulu to head to bed, we sent her in and went back out to the party. Seriously. Best. Decision. Ever.


The ceremony was lovely and the reception was rockin’. The couple hired dueling piano players, who were a fun departure from the DJ or band that usually serve as wedding entertainment. We danced all night, and the bride even did a full rendition of the Thriller dance in her white gown. It was fairly epic. The best moment of the night for me was watching the first dance between the newly married couple, and seeing Lulu and her cousin slow dancing together in the garden behind them. Trent may have even teared up a little on that one.


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