Elsewhere : Gaming Safety Tips, Homeschooling, and Local Photography Spotlight

Sometimes it may seem like this here blog is a little quiet, but that’s just because I’m writing elsewhere. As a freelance writer, I sometimes feel like I’m go-go-going all the time, but I love being able to write about topics that may not fit in here at Crazy Bananas, but are still super-interesting. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on lately:


I’m over at Pixelkin.org talking about gaming safety for kids and parents.

“…there is a prevalent fear among parents and caregivers that gaming is a negative or scary medium for our children. Many of these concerns deal with fear of the unknown. Parents who are not familiar with gaming are unsure of how to navigate this foreign world. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a relatively new trend among child predators is to find children through online gaming. This news could shock parents, or make them want to cut off all gaming activity. However, the benefits of gaming are powerful, and removing games completely is not necessarily a wise option. So how can we ensure our kids are protected, while still allowing them to enjoy the fun and benefits of social gaming?”

Head on over to my post at Pixelkin.org to read my top tips for protecting our kids online, and why I believe it’s worth the risk!


kc moms blog

In my first guest post for the Kansas City Moms Blog, I’m talking about homeschooling an a technological era.

However, the tide is changing on the homeschooling front. What was once seen as an option primarily for those with religious or other objections to a public education, is now becoming more mainstream, especially among parents with a technology or creative background. Between 1999 and 2012, the number of children being homeschooled in the U.S. doubled. My husband is a tech entrepreneur and I’m a writer and photographer. Both of us did well in school, but we struggled with the conformed way of learning that is practiced by most teaching institutions, including standardized testing. What we learned in school has not necessarily led to our success as entrepreneurs. Instead, real world training and problem solving has been much more beneficial to our careers.

You can read more about homeschooling, and learn about some great resources both online and in the Kansas City area at the Kansas City Moms Blog.


hive logo

I was lucky enough to interview amazing local photographer Jason Domingues for the {Hive-Workshops} blog. My conversation with Jason was so inspiring, and I found his advice and openness to be really refreshing. In a world of creative posturing, Jason is the real deal.

Domingues says that photographers have to be willing to look at their work critically and break out of their own mold. When photographers get stuck in their particular style, and refuse to change, they can become outdated. “They are wondering 10 or 12 years down the road why they aren’t getting any business. But photography as a business is changing. If you can push a button, make an image, slap a bunch of filters on it, and create a website… then you’re a wedding photographer! What makes the difference is everything in between.”

You can read more about Jason and why he believes the best growth can happen by accident at the {Hive-Workshops} blog.

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