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The Crazy Bananas Video Blog : What Do You Want to See?

First of all…keeping it real…I did one AMAZING take of this first, little video blog. I’m not a natural in front of the camera, so there were so many attempts before I got through the whole thing without flubbing. But then, it happened. The PERFECT take! Hooray! I started to do one more just to make sure, but after I started stuttering over my words again, I decided to go with perfection and be done for the day.

Which was all fine and good until I sat down to edit the video and guess what?! That perfect take? The one where I didn’t goof or say the word “maybe” one million times?

I didn’t hit record.


I have audio of the one perfect take, just to remind me of how perfect it was, but apparently I didn’t record any video. Typical!

So here is my not-perfect, flubbery, goofy second-best take. Perfection is the enemy anyway, right?! (Right.)

I’m so excited to be video blogging again! You might remember my attempt at getting the video blog going a few years ago, but I just didn’t have the time, energy or equipment to make it work. I am learning that when I enjoy doing something creative, especially when it’s different from what I usually do, it really helps me grow as an artist and content creator. So instead of worrying about making a life-altering video blog, I’m just gonna do exactly what I do here on…in video form!

But before we really get started, I need to know what YOU want to see? Last time around I got a ton of requests for photography tutorials, style tips, and in-depth discussions about my favorite Doctor Who actor. I definitely plan to share all of that, but what else sounds fun? Lately I’ve been writing more about healthy living and recovery, so I’d love to cover that in the vlog. I’m also down for sharing tips and tricks for B+ moms like myself. What else sounds good?! I want to hear what YOU want! You can leave your comments and ideas below, or head on over to my YouTube channel or my social media profiles and leave me a note there!

Here’s to many imperfect video blogs in the future!

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