CommunityAmerica Ballpark Dinner and a Show!

A few weeks ago our little family was fortunate enough to work with the crew from the Kansas City Star on an advertisement for CommunityAmerica Ballpark! The home of the T-Bones baseball team, the ballpark is running a fun special this summer where you can enjoy “dinner and a show” on Saturday nights. And I can tell you, we taste tested just about EVERYTHING that the stadium had to offer for this short ad spot, and it was all Peters family approved! The atmosphere at T-Bones games is so fun, and it’s a great, budget-friendly alternative when you want to get out to a pro baseball game, but don’t necessary want to drop a ton of cash. We had such a good time working on this ad and spending time out at CommunityAmerica ballpark! We will definitely be headed back again before summer is over!

Fun Fact: When we shot this ad, we had just flown into Kansas City from a few days away in Tennessee for a memorial service, so we were totally exhausted. I was worried about the kids keeping it together (even though the spot is short, the filming took a few hours) for the entire time, but the crew did such a great job keeping them excited and engaged. The production assistant even taught Tate how to beatbox, and he’s been running around doing it ever since! Thanks to the team from the Kansas City Star for such a wonderful experience!

Kansas City Family Photographer

30 Days of Summer Challenge on KC Live!

It’s been so exciting to be asked to come on local news and radio shows to talk about photography and the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge! I simply cannot believe I launch this thing TOMORROW! Crazytown. I am so grateful to the Kansas City community for stepping up and being a part of this challenge, whether by spreading the word, contributing items for giveaways, participating or collaborating. I definitely couldn’t do this alone, and I’m feeling pretty lucky to be a part of such an incredible community of creatives.

30 Day Photo Challenge on Better KC

Summer Photo Challenge on Better KC!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging lately…this would be why! I am getting ready to launch a super-fun program this summer, all about inspiring creativity among moms (and everyone else!) over the summer! I’ll be officially launching next week, but I was thrilled when Better KC asked me to come on their show and talk about the program a few days ago.

To sign up for the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge, click here!

How to Scrap Your Day Job and Pursue Your Passion

Last week I was so excited to be asked to come back to Better Kansas City and talk about how I transitioned from being a work-out-of-the-home mom to an entrepreneur with her own business. I was planning on sharing some of my tips on steps I took early on, but we ended up chatting more about my story and how I finally made the decision to make the switch! You can watch the video below…

Here area a few of my tips for anyone considering starting their own business, especially moms who are managing a household as well:

  • Find for Your Community: Small business associations, creative groups, collaborative relationships…reach out! It can be lonely doing it all by yourself, but finding your community will help.
  • Get the Legal and Financial Stuff Done Upfront: Talk to lawyers, accountants and insurance companies to make sure you’re all set BEFORE you start charging people. Reach out to your community to get recommendations for your specific line of work.
  • Be Prepared for a Bit of an Identity Change: I very strongly self-identified with being a full-time, working out of the home mom, so when my situation changed, I was surprised at all the emotions I felt. I was of course thrilled, but it was also very challenging to relearn who I was and how I fit into my family dynamic.
  • Organization is Key: Even though I love the work I’m doing, and I love being able to be there more for my kids, it can be hard some days to find the time for everything. Without a steady line between work and home, things can get a little murky. Making sure I’m as organized as possible helps keep everything in check!

If you’re thinking of making the switch, I’m so pumped for you! If I can do it, anyone can!

Recovery : Three Years

1,096 Days Later

Today is a pretty basic Saturday around here. We have a few sports games for the kids, I have a photography session tonight and maybe we’ll even have a family movie night. I’ll make meals, wash clothes, maybe lay in our hammock while the kids and the dog run around the backyard. I won’t save the world today. Today won’t be one for the history books. Today is just a normal, simple day.

But also, not. Because today is never, ever a basic day for me. Three years ago today I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, one that has caused ripples of change throughout my own life and many others. Three years ago today I was reborn.

In the recovery community, we call the anniversary of our last drink our “birthday.” We sometimes even eat cake and blow out some candles. In so many ways, it really IS a birthday, because the person I am today didn’t exist three years ago. The Megan from three years ago was a vastly different person. She was more timid, more afraid. She was always looking over her shoulder, worried that underneath all the sarcasm and humor that someone would figure out who she really was. And if they found out, her life would be over.

Recovery : Three Years

Today I am rarely afraid of being “found out.” I live my life out in the open in a way I never did before. A year ago today I spoke for the first time publicly about my recovery here on this blog, and that was a huge milestone in my life. Even though I’d been in recovery for two years, I never really felt free of the immense shame until I started talking about it. Funny, huh? Fear and shame hold us hostage, when in the end, we held the power to defeat them all along. By sharing my story multiple times over the past year I have been healed. I am no longer ashamed of who I am. I’m damn proud of it!

In the last year so many of you have reached out to me to tell me your own stories. From people struggling with addiction or mental illness, to those of you who are afraid for someone you love who is dealing with his or her demons, to those of you also in recovery giving me virtual and physical hi-fives….every time I open a message from one of you my heart grows three sizes. I’m like the Grinch of recovery. I used to think that everyone in the world was out to get me, but the last year has taught me that connection is the solution. By reaching out, you have helped me immensely. Thank you.

Recovery : Three Years

If you are new on this journey, and you’ve found this post because you don’t know who to talk to, hold tight. It gets easier. Find your tribe, your people who get you. I was so fortunate to find my people on this path. My support system of women and men just like me, from all walks of life, who have held me up, cheered me on, sent me “hell yeah!” texts when I reached a milestone and listened to me cry when I was afraid it was never going to get better. I reached out to them earlier this week because I wanted to make something fun to celebrate today, and they didn’t let me down. We talked about remembering the terror of refusing a drink at a party or gathering and wondering if everyone knew our dirty little secrets. We laughed (yes, laughed…eventually you will laugh again!) about how much changes as you grow in your recovery, and shared different responses for that guy at the party who just WON’T LET IT GO and keeps offering you a cocktail! I loved them so much, I put together this little video to help you out if you’re newly sober and wondering what the heck you say to the dreaded question, “Hey, do you want a drink?”

Here’s to finding the funny again. Here’s to bright eyes and clear hearts. Here’s to no more fuzzy, wine tongue at 3 a.m. Here’s to being who you really are, without numbing and running away.

And here’s to many, many more basic Saturdays.

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