Maximus Minimus Morse

How I entice people to check out my redesign

When redesigning a personal website, a person can tend to get extremely excited about all of the new things he or she is learning. A person will usually call everyone she knows to explain all that she has done to make her site incredible and tell them to give him or her feedback. A few days into this technique the “designer” will inevitably learn his or her friends really don’t give a crap about the site and need more incentive to go see it. So, being the attention-whore that I am, I will continue to put up certain pictures to get my comrades to look at my site.

Exhibit A:

This is Max. Are you happy??? Now come visit my site!!!

And Trent…I apologize for eating up all your bandwidth.

Let’s Try This AGAIN!

If you are sensing some attitude, I apoligize. Being completely and utterly HORRIBLE at creating a website is draining and can ruin my temperment. I’m attempting to test my knowledge of Movable Type, so you can ignore this entry, or if you like seing dogs in mini lounge chairs, read on.

Say hello to Max, the most stylish dog in Dallas.

Test No. 2…excited yet? If you are, then click here you’ll love it!

Some Happy News

Ciao tutti! Just wanted to let everyone know that Jack was finally adopted from the shelter! I’m so glad that he finally found a home, although I still do miss him. I really want to get another dog, but I know I need to wait until I’m more financially stable. I should probably also wait until the weather gets better and Trent and I decide whether we’re going to move or not. He really doesn’t want to leave our apartment, but it’s starting to drive me nuts. There are just so many problems with it, it doesn’t seem to be worth the benefits. I’d like to find a house to rent, but who knows what will happen. I’m also beginning to look around KC for a place to volunteer. When I first moved to Lawrence, working at the women’s shelter really helped me to feel like a part of the community, so I thought it would be a good idea to get involved here as well. I’ve been checking out a few places, so we’ll see. I think Trent’s afraid I’m going to become a poor social worker or something, but that’s not what I want to do. I just feel like I am such a waste of space right now, and I need to do something that truly helps people. Speaking of, if anyone who reads this (ha, like anyone would read all this – though Trent says people really do stop by, so thanks)didn’t get my e-mail about helping Tsunami victims, let me know. I’ll be happy to forward you the information. All right y’all, peace out.

Anybody need a new puppy?

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Jack has adjusted enough to the shelter that he is adoptable:) If you know anyone who needs or wants a cute, 10 month old black lab mix, tell them to go to and look up Animal Haven in Merriam, KS. Then look at adoptable pups. Jack is under the name Jackson (they already had a Jack there).

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