Introducing…the 26th President of the United States!

IMG_8390 copy

He’s nameless no more! We’re proud to introduce Theodore Roosevelt Peters, otherwise known as Teddy, the cutest puppy ever born. This little buddy has only been with our family a week and he’s already fitting in quite nicely. He is such a sweetie, and we’re feeling pretty lucky to have him around. His likes include chewing on furniture, chasing Tate all over the house, eating sticks in the backyard, making groups of young ladies squeal at his adorableness in the River Market, watching Christmas movies and cuddling on the couch.


Last week we had a little dusting of snow, so of course we had to take Teddy out in his new winter coat to enjoy it all. He’s still getting used to the leash (and the toddler) so he was a bit freaked out by it all. In general, he’s adjusting really well. He hangs out with me and Tate during the days we are home, and comes down to the office with me when I’m working downtown. He’s becoming my little sidekick, and I’m loving it. I’m going to have to stop carrying him around everywhere though, as it’s becoming very apparent that Teddy is going to be one giant dog. He’s just shy of three months old and he’s a beast already!


(P.S. Thanks for sticking with us as we work out some hosting issues here at Crazybananas. The site has been up and down for a few weeks, as has my email, but we’re working on getting everything fixed so we don’t have to go through this again. This means we’re moving to a new host…which means in the meantime we will probably still be up and down intermittently. I love you guys for being so patient! I’m taking this forced blogging hiatus very seriously, and spending my free time cuddling with sweet Teddy, playing trains with Tate, ice skating with Lu and eating lots of Christmas cookies. It isn’t that bad, honestly!)

A New Addition


Looky who joined our little family this weekend! After months and months of searching, we finally found a Rottie puppy to join our little crew. We are so stinking excited! He is a 10 week old, whose mom was a stray and was rescued by T.A.R.A (The Animal Rescue Alliance) here in Kansas City. She had nine puppies, but only three survived. We feel so lucky to have been chosen by the incredible staff at T.A.R.A. to be his forever family. We had been looking for a rescue Rottie for such a long time, we almost gave up hope, but then this guy showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and it was love at first sight! T.A.R.A. is an organization that works with foster families instead of kenneling animals in a shelter, so he came to us pretty much house trained and in fantastic shape. I can’t thank the foster family enough for all the work they did with our little guy! If you’re looking for a new pet, I highly recommend T.A.R.A., it’s a wonderful organization!

You’re probably wondering what we named the little guy…well, that’s still up for debate! So far, we can’t seem to agree between the four of us on any one name. Here is a list of names we’ve come up with:

Captain Von Trapp
Harry Potter
Jamal Charles
Rory Pond
Henry, aka Hank the Tank
Rainbow, aka Dwayne Bowe
Bo Jackson

Yeah…we got nothin. I actually love a bunch of the names we came up with, but the ones Trent and I like, Lucy hates. We really want this dog to belong to the kids too, so we want her to love the name. He’s gonna be a big boy (they are thinking probably 100 lbs, ahhh!), so we want him to have a strong name, but we want it to be fun too. We are not a serious name kind of family, I mean our old dog was named Professor Molly McGoo, PhD! We found only one name that everyone seems to like a lot, but we’re still seeing if it fits him. Hopefully by later this week, it will be official! Until then, you can find me cuddling on the couch with my new best friend. His breath stinks, but he’s cute enough I really don’t mind.

The Best Dog Ever

Molly Rotty

I was all set to write a fun end of the week post today…but unfortunately I have some sad news from my little family. Our wonderful, loyal, beautiful dog, Professor Molly McGoo, Phd., died last night. We are so very, very sad. Molly was an old dog, but her sickness came on quite quickly, and so soon after the loss of Grandpa Ron. Lucy is taking it very hard, because right before Grandpa Ron passed, her other pet, Rainbow the Fish, died as well. Our poor little girl has been through a lot these past few weeks, as have we all.

Instead of wallowing in sadness, I’d like to take a minute to remember how awesome Molly was. She was the second pet Trent and I adopted together, and we couldn’t have lucked out more. She was a shelter rescue, and had such an even, sweet temperament. When Lu was a baby she’d follow her all over the house, making sure she was okay. Even though she was older when Tate was born, she tolerated his craziness, always letting him pull on her ears and tackle her when he was trying to give her hugs. She was big enough to be scary when people came to the door, but would never hurt a fly. She was truly wonderful, and we were lucky to have so many lovely years with her by our side.

We love you Molly, and we already miss you like crazy.

Molly Snow Dog

Happy Molly

A Boy and His Dog


Car Buddies


Snow Dog

The Girls At Sunset


While we were at the farm this past weekend, my good ole’ pal Mikayla asked me to try and get some good pictures of her two dogs, which she will be breeding in the upcoming year. I wanted the pictures to look like the pictures you’ll find here….but, alas, my camera is cheaper and my skills with it suckier. So we had to settle for the following.

They like big sticks.

This is Abby. She is all muscle, and although she can be a bit needy and conspired with my own dog to keep me awake half the night on Saturday, she is a barrel of love.

This is Satchel. Codename: Fun Bobby. Enough said.

Wanna see something creepy. Zoom in on the picture of Satchel and guess what you find?

Crazy Photographer

Crazy photographer….

Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D.

Last night I finally sat down in front of Cali’s kennel, and cleaned everything out. I found her favorite chew toy (a red Kong) along with several leashes she’d chewed through. I also found what we dubbed “The Scary Collar,” which we had to use to keep her from breaking our arms off. She actually did break Trent’s Mom’s finger before the use of the “Scary Collar” was required when walking Cali.

I found her old vet bills and information. I found her forms from her first check-up, when we couldn’t get her to eat dry food. We had to get this damn prescription food that cost 20 bucks a pop! We did it though. She was our baby. Our first real responsibility. And though she had too much energy and was never really good at that “come” command, she loved us. And we adored her.

Today we adopted the newest addition to this Peters/Spooner Project. She’s a 1-year-old Rott-mix named Molly. Technically it’s Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D., but she’s Molly to those who know her. She’s the exact opposite of Cali. She’s super-mellow, almost to the point of laziness. She never pulls on the leash. When a bird or squirrel flies by, she just gives it a passing glance. Actually, I probably shouldn’t say all of this, since we’ve only had her for 4 hours and I’m sure she’ll be much different in a few days.

I will always love and miss Cali. But the time has come to move on. Closure is a good thing. And so are new beginnings.

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