Pickles the Kitten

Introducing…Pickles Peters!

Pickles the Kitten

You guys, it’s been an interesting summer around here! There have been good and bad developments (more on those later), but one of the most fun has been the addition of a new KITTEN to our family! Lucy has been begging for a kitten for about four years, but her dad was very against the idea. I’m not sure what changed his mind, but out of nowhere he decided to surprise her with a kitten for her birthday earlier this summer! A few weeks later we came home with Pickles!

Pickles the Kitten

Pickles was a barn kitten, so when we brought her home we knew she was little, but had no idea how young she actually was. Turns out she was WAY TOO YOUNG and we ended up feeding her goat milk from a dropper until she was big enough to eat on her own. The good news is she’s now about 10-weeks-old and doing awesome! The bad news is she likes to sleep on my head in the middle of the night…

Pickles the Kitten

We were a little worried about how Teddy would do with a tiny kitten, but it turns out he’s the best dog ever! He takes so much abuse from Pickles, who likes to play all day long, but he is fairly patient with her and seems to enjoy having her around. After I posted a few photos of them to social media, I had quite a few requests to create them their very own Instagram account, so now you can follow their adventures over at @teddyandpickles. Beware, you may be overwhelmed by the cuteness!

Pickles the Kitten

KC Pet Project - Birdie

Community Service : KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project - Birdie

I have such fun news to share! I am now a volunteer photographer with the KC Pet Project! This past weekend I completed my training and shot some trial images as a second shooter to the main photographer. It was a beautiful experience, and I was so humbled by the hard work everyone is doing at KC Pet Project.

KC Pet Project is the largest no-kill animal shelter in the Kansas City area, and they care for over 9,000 animals a year. Earlier this year, my sweet daughter decided instead of birthday gifts to have her friends and family bring toys and food for the animals at KC Pet Project, which we then donated to the shelter. After that incredible experience, I was told about the partnership between local photographers and the KC Pet Project, where you can volunteer your time and talent to help get the word out about these deserving animals. I will be a part of the team that takes photos of the animals, hopefully showing their personalities and warm spirits (which can be difficult to see when they are in a shelter kennel), helping to round up interest online, and ultimately, getting the animal adopted.

This opportunity is so fulfilling, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible team of creatives who are using their talent to help these sweet pets. I’ll definitely be posting more images soon, and keep your eye on both my own Facebook and Instagram pages, along with the KC Pet Project, for more information on how to adopt a shelter pet!

KC Pet Project

For the Love of Theodore Roosevelt


A year ago, through the magic of good friends and Facebook, we found this sweet puppy. For days we called him “Puppy” because no name sounded right. But Theodore Roosevelt Peters, Teddy for short, was the one that stuck. And yes, it’s a bit grandiose, for sure, but naming this dopey dog after the 26th President of the United States just made sense. I mean, Teddy Roosevelt was the man who coined the term “daring greatly” and since that has become my mantra, it was fitting that my partner in crime bear his name.

Yes, Teddy is my dog. Of course he loves the kids and Trent, and I’m sure they all think of him as theirs, but I’m the one who begged for him, did research on him, contacted friends to secure his adoption, filled out pages of paperwork, and attended a home visit with the rescue who had saved his life. I am the person who walks him, feeds him (although Lucy has taken over that duty as of late), buys him giant dog bones, sneaks him into the bed and let’s him sleep on the couch all day long. He follows me around, and when anyone is agitated, he runs to my side…not really to protect me or anything, more like to hide behind my legs. He’s a fierce beast, this Rottie puppy of mine.

Thanksgiving is a bit of an unlucky weekend for us regarding our dogs. Our first dog, Cali, ran off on Thanksgiving, was hit by a car and died. Our last dog, Miss Molly McGoo, died of old age after a long and happy life full of table scraps on the week of Thanksgiving. So on Thanksgiving morning I told Trent, “Nothing had better happen to that dumb dog.” Welp, you know what they say about Murphy’s Law, right? If it can happen, it will.

Teddy was run over by a John Deer Gator (sort of like a mini tractor, for you city folk) on Thanksgiving day, and I truly thought I was going to lose my mind. This dopey dog, however, was totally fine. Only Theodore Roosevelt could get run over by a John Deere and run off like nothing happened. We were afraid of a broken leg, or worse, but he came out with two small scrapes and that’s it. If anything, it worked out in his favor, as he’s been doted upon, fed Thanksgiving ham and snuggled pretty much constantly since the incident. I think the whole thing reminded us how integral he is in our lives these days. It’s incredible how a dog can work his way into your heart, until you can’t (and don’t want to) imagine your life or family without him in it, jumping on you as you walk through the door or wiping his slobbery snout on your leg.

Teddy is a big, dumb miracle. I’m so glad he’s our big, dumb miracle.




Dear Family,

Sorry I ate those two loaves of bread. In hindsight, that wasn’t a great decision. Sorry I puked all over after I inhaled said bread. My bad. Oh, and I feel horrible about chewing up Tate’s favorite train. And Lucy’s Totoro slippers. And eating that banana off the counter. That was dumb. I didn’t mean to pee on the floor that time. Or the other time. Or the time after that. I think you should probably invest in some heavy duty paper towels, you know? And while we’re talking, I should apologize for chewing on the back deck too. And dad’s chess set. And mom’s leopard print heels. And the carpet. I think those extra holes give it a little character, don’t you? It looks more “lived in” now.

I will happily pay my debt with some late night movie watching and feet warming. I will try not to puke on your bed. No promises.

All my love,
Theodore Roosevelt Peters

Tater and Tedders : Best Buddies and Greatest Nemises

Having a very #theoandbeau kind of afternoon... #365grateful #teddygram #instateddy #rottie #puppy #bestfriends #nap #sleep #cuddle

Some days they are best buddies. They are honestly pretty similar. There is something about a three-year-old boy and a puppy that would make anyone’s heart jump a little bit, but these two are as good of friends as they are each other’s greatest enemy. They are each equally curious, ornery, smart and quick, which makes for some hectic days around our house. Every morning, when Tate comes shuffling down the hall after waking, the first thing he looks for is Teddy. “Aw, hiiii puppy!” he says in his gravely, sleepy voice. That’s when it starts. Teddy, who is always super pumped to see people, runs up to Tate at full, out of control, puppy speed and knocks him right over. Tate screams at the top of his lungs, which gets Teddy even more excited. At this point, after two months with Teddy in our home, almost all of Tate’s shirts have little holes in the back, where Teddy has grabbed him with his little puppy teeth. Tate is definitely not innocent in this…every time Teddy lays down or settles in with a toy or bone, there is Tate, jumping on top of him or taking his toy and running away, giggling maniacally.

Movie night at our house, watching Chiddy Chiddy Bang bang :) #instateddy #teddygram #puppy #rottie #365grateful

“Mama, I just giving Teddy love,” he’ll explain when I catch him. There is no amount of convincing that will make Tate realize that most puppies don’t like to be “strangled” with love. And there is no amount of dog commands that will convince Teddy that Tate’s screams are not one’s of happiness. He just thinks the little human wants to play! So most mornings and evenings are full of “No, Teddy, no biting!” and “Tate, leave that dog alone!” It’s a loud, hectic life we’re leading.

Lucky kids, lucky dog. #365grateful #instateddy #teddygram #puppy #rottie

But every once in a while, I find them snuggled together on the couch watching cartoons, or sleeping together during nap time, twin snores emitting from Tate’s bed. There is so much love here. It might be tainted with screams and little puppy bite marks, but I can still see it. Right now they are about equal in size, but very soon, Teddy will outgrow our little boy, so we are working hard training both of them to treat each other with respect. And even though they bicker, I can already tell they are going to be the best of friends. We are so lucky to have found Teddy. Just proves to me, once again, the good things in life are worth waiting for.

Icy Friday morning with the boy and his dog... #puppy #rottie

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