Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D.

Last night I finally sat down in front of Cali’s kennel, and cleaned everything out. I found her favorite chew toy (a red Kong) along with several leashes she’d chewed through. I also found what we dubbed “The Scary Collar,” which we had to use to keep her from breaking our arms off. She actually did break Trent’s Mom’s finger before the use of the “Scary Collar” was required when walking Cali.

I found her old vet bills and information. I found her forms from her first check-up, when we couldn’t get her to eat dry food. We had to get this damn prescription food that cost 20 bucks a pop! We did it though. She was our baby. Our first real responsibility. And though she had too much energy and was never really good at that “come” command, she loved us. And we adored her.

Today we adopted the newest addition to this Peters/Spooner Project. She’s a 1-year-old Rott-mix named Molly. Technically it’s Professor Molly McGoo, Ph.D., but she’s Molly to those who know her. She’s the exact opposite of Cali. She’s super-mellow, almost to the point of laziness. She never pulls on the leash. When a bird or squirrel flies by, she just gives it a passing glance. Actually, I probably shouldn’t say all of this, since we’ve only had her for 4 hours and I’m sure she’ll be much different in a few days.

I will always love and miss Cali. But the time has come to move on. Closure is a good thing. And so are new beginnings.

Cali Gains the Freshman 15

I’m full…burp.

Goodbye Jack

Today was almost worse than last Sunday. At least then, I had no warning. I didn’t have to agonize over a decision about Cali. This week was so hard. Coming home and not seeing her gorgeous face and curly, wagging tail. Looking at pictures of us in the snow from only a week before. It was hard to believe that she is really gone, forever. It seemed like every time I thought I was doing better, something would happen to push me right back into my sadness. My sister gave me a poem about where dogs go when they die, and though it gave me some hope I may see my baby again, it just makes me cry over and over. I was actually doing pretty well by the end of the week, and then today I had to take Jack, our foster puppy, to the kennel. It was the plan all along, we would take Jack to the kennel as soon as they had room for him, but I didn’t think I would lose Cali along the way! Taking Jack there was like losing her all over again. He wasn’t her, and he could never be her, but having him here made it alot easier to get through this week. Last night he stayed by my side all night, as if he knew what would happen today. He even slept in my bed with me. Trent’s out again, and I’d forgotten how alone I feel in this apartment when there is no one here. I can’t believe I’m crying over another dog! I just felt so much safer with them here. Like no one could ever hurt me with my pups protecting me. I dunno, now I’m just rambling because I’m upset. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has helped me out this past week. You all have been so supportive and wonderful, and thank you for understanding how hard this loss was (and still is) for me to take. You all could’ve just told me to get over it, but you didn’t , so thank you. Love you:)

My princess

My puppy died today…Cali, in her last great “Cali” moment, ran out on Highway 24 in Manhattan and was hit by a car. Last night Trent’s parents discovered she was missing, and this morning we received a call from someone who found her on the side of the road. Lee said she didn’t suffer, so I guess that’s a bright spot. I’m going to miss her so much, and I just can’t stop crying. I know she was just a dog, but she was more than that to me. She came with me everywhere. She was my constant companion, and I loved taking care of her. I guess I’m naive, but I just never expected her to die…at least not for a long time. She was so strong and smart, I just thought she would live to be one of those old dogs hobbling around on 3 legs or something. I can’t escape her memories either. She’s everywhere in our apartment. Her hair, her toys, her kennel. Our bed just isn’t warm enough without her in it, and everything seems so quiet. She was a good, sweet, smart dog…and I will never, ever forget her.

An update

It’s been about a week and a half since I started my new job, and I love it so far. I’m enjoying getting up everyday for work and having a reason to get things done. I’m also still working at Baja, and having a good time making new friends and finally starting to be social in this big city. Trent found a little black lab dog in the road, and brought it home, so we’re dealing with that as well. He’s a total sweetie, but he’s has been extremely abused during his life and it took some time for him to trust us. We’re keeping him until his name comes up on the waiting list at a local low-kill shelter. Hopefully we can find him a good permanent home. Cali and Jack (that’s what we’re calling him) get along great and spend all day playing together, and I think she’s gonna miss him when he’s gone. Trent and I are doing better than ever. For the first time I truly feel like we are on the same path, and we’re both excited about what we’re doing. I also have grown extremely close to his mother, who has helped me get over some hangups with my own family. Having a positive female role model/mother figure in my life has really helped to fill some of the voids that have been holding me down. Good stuff…anyway, also wanted to tell anyone who reads this to check out Trent’s other website This is a professional site for the two of us that has our resumes, bios, etc.

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