La vita nuova…

So here I am…a new life. It seems like I just got back from Italy, but already I have 2 jobs and a whole new life. I’m working at a restuarant on the Plaza in KC, and I’m also starting a job at an engineering/architectual firm. I just got the call about the job tonight, and I was extremely excited! I know that people expect me to succeed, so it’s not as big of a deal for them, but it is for me! I’m just waiting to fall on my face… I’m hoping I can keep up my lucky streak and make this new job an excellent experience. Pace, Amore, e tutti quelli altri cosi!!!

Finally, it feels like home

So I’m back in good ole’ KC after a Labor Day weekend in Michigan with Trent’s family. It was way more fun that I ever thought it could be, and I think it really helped Trent and I to get back to normal. Just spending time with him alone and with people that love him made me see how lucky I am to have his love. I think anyone who has the chance should head up to Lake Michigan for some R&R. It was truly a beautiful place. If I can ever figure out this whole picture thing, there will be pictures on this site! I promise:)

Home Again

OK, so I’m back in Kansas, lucky me:( I don’t want to sound too down, but I have to say that returning from this experience is much harder than I ever thought it would be. I miss everything so much! I miss Anna, and even Anna’s burps! I miss Jessi and Courtney bitching about Florence! I even miss Nathan pronouncing his name “Natan”! The crazy roommates and the late nights at Dolce Vita and moped rides at 4 am!!!! I miss all of it! I thought coming home would be easy, I didn’t realize how much of a life I’d built for myselt in Florence, but I really had. I know I have a life here too (and a good one, I’m really lucky) but it’s taking me much longer than I thought to get back in the swing of things. I feel so bad for the people in my life that love me and are trying to help me out, because they don’t deserve the crappy way I’m responding. So if anyone actually reads this (which is doubtful since my only readers were people I’m with every day now) know that I love you all and I’ll get over my Florence “homesickness”…it’s just gonna take time.

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