I’m feeling better. Happier. Healthier. Ready for the baby, but still, happy where I am right now in this moment. I’m enjoying my last days as a mom of one, and Lulu’s enjoying her only-childness. Each morning she climbs into my bed, snuggles up close and says “You’re my favorite, mama.” And then she rubs my belly and says “And you’re my favorite baby!”

She’s ready too.

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  1. kt
    kt says:

    And here I come, all waaaa waa, and selfish, and don’t even ask how you are feeling this morning in my craziness. Although I am almost positive you would have said you were fine and would have not mentioned anything I had just read. WILL YOU PLEASE USE ME!?!?! I am an excellent worker, especially when my heart is in it. I waited all weekend for you to call — so please. Let me help. ALSO. I love that pic of you by the window.

    Thanks again for being a wonderful friend. I wish I was a super as you when it came to thoughtfulness… but, I am trying to make up for it in ways to help out. 🙂 Love you. kt


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