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When Trent and I got married almost 10 years ago, we were young. Young, pregnant and honestly, pretty overwhelmed. While we would have loved to take a magical honeymoon like so many of our friends were doing, we felt like saving money was more important. And it was! We had a baby on the way, […]

Bad Megan

I love my wifey… she actually got on the web server and tried to edit stylesheet code… it didn’t work (as you can see) but it’s still cute to a geek.

New Upgrade

Ya, so I updated the MT blogging platform that this show runs on tonight. After a small database issue, it disappeared, everything should be working as normal. But let me know if something is jacked up. We shouldn’t have anymore spam with the new spam-blacklist filters. So that’s good. Have fun and leave comments for […]

Wonderful Life

Hello fellow Crazy Bananas readers. This is the Bearded Wonder (AKA Trent) taking over for a post. Though I’m not quite as funny or witty as the author of this blog, I do have an important announcement to make. As most of you know, I impregnated my beautiful girlfriend approximately 7 weeks ago 2 days […]

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