OK, though it’s become blatently obvious that no one really reads this, I still thought I’d write a little blurb about my time in Amsterdam, so far. I only got in to town last night (really late) and haven’t really seen anything, but our hotel is pretty cool and it’s in a really fun part of town. Abbie is excited (as am I) because we’re within walking distance of a Burger King, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. It’s amazing how much you miss good ole’ American fast food when you’re abroad. Anyway, today we plan on going to the Heineken Experience, a theme-park with rides and free beer that used to be a factory. Then we want to head over to the Red Light district to see what is over there (can you guess). Tomorrow and Thursday we want to go to the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh museum, Rembrant museum, and of course the famous Amsterdam cafes….OK pace to anyone who may actually read this:)

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  1. Émilie Lapointe
    Émilie Lapointe says:

    Hey gurl!
    Don’t worry, I’m sure people reads it, just like I do! I guess, you think we don’t ’cause there’s no comments about it. I come often to read what you’re doing, so keep writting!
    Pace e Amore
    La tua amica italianna
    un baccio!

  2. Erin
    Erin says:

    Hey Chica,
    Of course ppl read these. I just wish your page wasn’t sooo wide it doesn’t fit on the computer.
    miss ya lots can’t wait to see you again. give me a call when ya get to town. I’ve always got a couch you can crash on here in larry.
    love ya,

  3. kp
    kp says:

    I once lived in the Breda Etten-luer area of ND. I most remember the fries with mayo served around the country. No ketchup, only mayo. Was great for my pimply face. And I remember the Heinekin jingle “Herenik, Hownik, Heinekin!!” and about the red star on the can and bottle, what is that all about? -kp

  4. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Hey there girl! Sorry I never write on here, but I get the e-mails and I figured responding twice would be a little silly, but if that’s what you want! : ) I miss you so very much and cannot wait for you to come home, we are going to have so much fun that weekend! I want lots of presents, remember you missed my birthday! Just kidding! 🙂 Love and miss you, call if you ever get the chance!
    Love Always
    The Mara

  5. erin
    erin says:

    so when ya coming home??? i’ve got tons of stuff to tell you and a kick ass pool to hang out at. so call me hooker!


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