Hey there, I’m Megan Peters, and this is my corner of the web universe. I’m a blogger and photographer based in Kansas City. I love to share my life, passion, experiences and work in the hopes that what I create will touch others and help us all feel a little less alone. Over the past 13 years, I’ve been blogging at Crazy Bananas and sharing about life as a young mother pursuing my creative dreams in the Midwest. On the blog I share about my life and my work, with information on parenting, being a small business owner, the joys of being a former Space Camper and all-round geek, style, pop culture and more. Since 2015, I have written extensively about my personal battles and achievements as a person in long term recovery. I find immense joy in helping others through the sharing of my own struggle.

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A History of Crazy Bananas

I created Crazy Bananas in 2004, at the suggestion of my tech-savvy boyfriend (now my tech-savvy husband!). I was headed off to study abroad for a semester in Italy, and he thought it might be fun to experiment with a new-fangled “blog” while I was away. I ended up loving the platform for sharing stories and thoughts with my friends and family, so when I arrived back home, I kept it up. More than ten years later, I’m still writing and sharing on Crazy Bananas, and I’m so grateful to this silly little blog. It has followed me through every major change in my life, and it’s pretty amazing to have a journal of images and musings from the past decade. In 2006, I was gifted my first DSLR camera, and shortly after, photography become one of my greatest passions. Soon, this blog became more than a place to host my writing, but a space to share my photographs as well. I am now a professional lifestyle photographer, specializing in images of families, children and newborns.

In January of 2015, Crazybananas, LLC was formed and is now officially my full-time job. Along with the work I do on this site, which includes blogging, freelance writing, and portrait photography, I also recently opened August Light Studio, which focuses on photography for brands and businesses. If you are here looking for my portrait photography portfolio or to book a session, please visit the Crazy Bananas Photography section of the site. I am currently booking portrait photography clients for newborn, family, engagement and senior sessions Fall of 2017. If you are searching for my freelance writing work, please click on the Elsewhere section of the site. If you’d like to learn more about my journey as a person in long term recovery, please visit the Recovery section. If you’re wanting to read my musings on life as photographer/writer/mother/person, check out the Blog. For more information on hiring me, please visit the Contact section of the site.

Vintage Spooner
Photo by Nicole Coleman circa 1989
I am a contributing blogger for the Kansas City Moms Blog, where I talk about my journey as a parent of two young children. I have been featured on Scary Mommy and I am also a guest contributor for Pixelkin.org, where I write about kids and technology. I also write about life as a mother in recovery at The Addiction Advisor, Addiction.com, Substance.com. As a photographer, I enjoy depicting the beauty of real-life women and families. I am a blogger and instructor for {Hive-Workshops}, a Kansas City-based company that provides small business classes to help creatives and entrepreneur’s thrive. In 2015, I was the featured photographer in “The Phoenix Project” a community art project. My images of survivors of domestic violence were featured in a gallery show, with all the proceeds being donated to the South Mass Art Guild (SMAG) and the Willow Center, a domestic violence shelter in Lawrence, Kansas, where I was a children’s advocate from 2001-2004. In 2013, “The Motherhood Project,” a collection of photographs of women, which capture the strength, joy and melancholy of motherhood and all of its challenges, was selected by the beauty brand Olay as a grant recipient. In 2016, I visited the Be Sinor-Sinatex Cultural Center, an informal school for Syrian refugees fleeing civil war, in Greece and my photographs from that trip were featured in a gallery show at Kansas City’s First Friday event in September 2017, with all proceeds from the show benefiting Be-Sinor and the local organization KC for Refugees.

Formerly, I was a contributing writer and blogger for Sweet Lemon Magazine. I am the former research editor for the fab kid-centric design website Design for Minikind. I have been featured on BlogHer.com, BlogHerTech.com and have been a guest curator for Kirtsy.com (see here and here). To see more of my work, please click here or on the Elsewhere tab at the top of this page.

I’m all over the social media scene, but you’re most likely to find me over on my Instagram page. Stop by and say hi!

(Header photo by Christina Gepner)

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