A New Addition


Looky who joined our little family this weekend! After months and months of searching, we finally found a Rottie puppy to join our little crew. We are so stinking excited! He is a 10 week old, whose mom was a stray and was rescued by T.A.R.A (The Animal Rescue Alliance) here in Kansas City. She had nine puppies, but only three survived. We feel so lucky to have been chosen by the incredible staff at T.A.R.A. to be his forever family. We had been looking for a rescue Rottie for such a long time, we almost gave up hope, but then this guy showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and it was love at first sight! T.A.R.A. is an organization that works with foster families instead of kenneling animals in a shelter, so he came to us pretty much house trained and in fantastic shape. I can’t thank the foster family enough for all the work they did with our little guy! If you’re looking for a new pet, I highly recommend T.A.R.A., it’s a wonderful organization!

You’re probably wondering what we named the little guy…well, that’s still up for debate! So far, we can’t seem to agree between the four of us on any one name. Here is a list of names we’ve come up with:

Captain Von Trapp
Harry Potter
Jamal Charles
Rory Pond
Henry, aka Hank the Tank
Rainbow, aka Dwayne Bowe
Bo Jackson

Yeah…we got nothin. I actually love a bunch of the names we came up with, but the ones Trent and I like, Lucy hates. We really want this dog to belong to the kids too, so we want her to love the name. He’s gonna be a big boy (they are thinking probably 100 lbs, ahhh!), so we want him to have a strong name, but we want it to be fun too. We are not a serious name kind of family, I mean our old dog was named Professor Molly McGoo, PhD! We found only one name that everyone seems to like a lot, but we’re still seeing if it fits him. Hopefully by later this week, it will be official! Until then, you can find me cuddling on the couch with my new best friend. His breath stinks, but he’s cute enough I really don’t mind.

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